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Got 5 Minutes?

If you have five minutes, here are a few sites you can visit to use your time constructively.

1. http://www.freerice.com/

Take quiz on this site to improve your vocabulary and to donate food at the same time.


Very similar concept to the freerice.com site. Sponsored donations.


Small tasks by large number of people can make a big difference. And you can earn some money too.


May be you can help somebody find answer to their question.


Keep your brain sharp by playing games here.


3 Responses

  1. first of all ‘comgratulations’ for starting the blog for such a noble cause…

    i read your column ‘pustak parikshan’ on ‘the way of zen…’ by alan watts in lokprabha, the subject is very instresting and of my liking, i want to know, is this book translated in marathi or hindi., so that i could grasp the exact thoughts of the auther…
    If it is pls inform me with the book details.

    thank you.

  2. “Thus no magnificent monuments like Taj Mahal or Royal Mughal gardens were built….”

    Dear Mr Kedar Soman

    In the closing paragraphs of part VI of your series at



    you have made the above statement (quoted at start) implying Shah Jehan ‘built magnificent monuments like Taj Mahal…”.

    Nothing could be farther from truth.

    This is as inaccurate as stating “Prophet Muhammad built Kaba”. If you check ‘Hagia Sofia’ in Istanbul, you would see that ‘usurping existing grand buildings for use as mosque and/or molesting them by burying their dead has been long-running ‘Muslim tradition’.

    There has been historic evidence on Rajput construction and pre-Shah-Jahan origin of the ‘Raja Man Singh’s Summer-Palace in Agra’ in books by Mr P N Oak, Dr V S Godbole of UK and on Setephen Knapp website at:


    Please be careful about what you write on this sensitive subject in a patriotic long-essay as the uninitiated would accept it as fact!


  3. Hi,

    Thanks , your blog is so informative…

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