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Life and Death

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When you give away something, you die a little bit.

When you let go, clean the closet, give or receive closure on an unfinished transaction, a small part of you is dies. Does it feel like loss? Or does it feel like liberation?

At the same time small part of you is reborn.

Death in one world is birth in another.

The best way to live is to die every moment. Let go of things, open up to uncertainty, at every moment.

The best way to die is to live every moment.

Winter does not come because you did something wrong in summer. Winter comes because that’s cycle of nature.

Your days of suffering and your days of happiness. Your life and your death. Part of cycle of nature.

But we love fiction of “success and failure”, because it creates room for validation of the idea of individuality or ego.

We love fiction of “life and death” because it creates room for celebration of the idea of individuality or ego.

If no one is born, or no one dies, then there is no one to succeed or fail or live or die.

All just ripples in one eternal flow.

Just ripples.

That’s not it

Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

Your clock does not show time. It shows movement. You make time out of it.

The piece of folded paper in your wallet is not money. The agreement society has that this shape and color of piece of paper should be called money makes it money.

All holy books printed on paper burn exactly the same way.

Tears of a movie star are as salty as those of his/her chauffer’s.

Gold is just another element like iron and lead. The thing that makes it valuable is inside your head.

The value of gold, the status of movie star, the respect for the holy book, the power of money, the urgency that comes with knowing time, all are shared perception. Because we all share it, does not make that perception a reality.

When one becomes wise, he or she understands this shared perception is different from reality and discards it. Saying again and again, that’s not it, that’s not it.

While looking inside, the more and more aspects of human experience are realized as just perception and moved aside. For the wise one, the less and less is left in reality.

At one point, nothing is left in reality. Everything is shifted to perception.

This is what Buddha calls “The Void”.

All perceptions arise out of this void. Yet no perception can ever capture the essence of it.

Happiness and sorrow can arise in this void. Yet given enough time in the void, everything returns to peace.

Pride and Shame

Photo by Cliford Mervil on Pexels.com

Once I achieved a big success.

Seeing my face beaming with pride, the Buddha said “Congratulations, for creating fantastic yourself.

Congrats for instilling willpower in yourself.

Congrats on not falling down at age 2 and being disabled.

Congrats on being born to your parents.

Congrats on growing six feet tall.

Congrats on making you in a way that you will succeed”

I said I didn’t do all that.

“Oh” Buddha said “Then tell me what is this pride about?”

One I failed miserably. Seeing my face sunken, the Buddha said “Shameful that you don’t know the future.

Shameful that you were not born perfect.

Shameful that your brain is limited in ability to think.

Shameful that your body is not that of a Superman.

Shameful that there are stupids in the world.

Shameful that you cannot please everyone and control everything.”

I said I could never do all that.

“Oh” Buddha said “Then what is this shame and guilt about?”

What Is Mindfulness? A Really Good Video

A really good video on mindfulness.

I┬áhave read his book too and it’s great.

That’s all for today.

What Gives You Food, Also Gives You Hunger

Photo by Suraphat Nuea-on on Pexels.com

The earth below your feet gives you support, but it is also the one that creates gravity which makes you need support not to fall down.

The mind fulfills many needs, but all of them are due to the existence of the mind itself.

You work hard and earn food. Then you eat that food to recover from the hard work.

Looking deeper, these are mutual definitions. Hunger is need of food. Food is what satisfies hunger.

Vast amounts of relationships are codependent. Or interdependent.

Mutual interdependence. Both arise and both fall. Both are same sides of the coin. One cannot be comprehended without another. This is advaita.