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The Charge Of Thoughts

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There is something reflective about the fall season that is very contemplative. May be it’s the cool crisp air that reminds you to slow down, or may be it’s the leaves drifting on air that hint at the transitional nature of t his world.

But it’s calming for sure.

So here I was. Trying to be mindful on my train ride. And I had a unique experience. Let me describe it if I can.

There were a bunch of things in my awareness that had potential to start a snowball of thoughts. But as I tried not to resist them and just be mindful, I was able to just rest in the cluster of neural and physical sensations. Each one of them was like a seed for more mind activity. But with mindfulness, they just remained the seed. They did not develop into mind activity. They did not start a thought process. In a moment of mature mindfulness, a sensation just remains that, a sensation.

So there were sensations and there was awareness. And in that moment there was peace.

There was a realization that the events happening in outside world only result in sensations. The events, or the sensations they generate, do not have any charge by themselves. The charge comes from inside the mind. There is a certain projection and certain resistance or affinity. That’s where the charge comes from.

This is the charge that develops that sensation into the thought. Like a pinball machine, that charge propels the sensation on a different trajectory with great speed. Thus a thought is born.


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  1. I really enjoyed this post, Kedar!

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