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Give the Gift Of Water


(An Example Check Dam)

Hello Friends,

Vasundhara Sanjivni Mandal is Urgently seeking funds to finish the construction of three check dams before Monsoon in Murbad Shahapur region. Each check dam benefits 4 to 6 families and provides job to about 35 people. Considering current water shortage, this is going to be life line for some villages and families.

If we can collect Rs 3 lakhs, they can finish one dam.
If we can collect about 10 Lakh, they can finish all three dams.
Please consider donation. If you cannot donate, please consider making interest free loan.

I am attaching a form where you can mark your donations.


Once we have enough donations, I will send out the details for money transfer (Bank account and IFSC code).

Please pass this on to your friends,



1. Description of the Project
2. Pamphlet of Vasundhara Sanjivani Mandal with all contact info.
Description of the project:

Following works in the Murbad Taluka have been already started with financial aid from Rotary Club and Deutsch Bank. These works are costing Rs. 60 lakhs and are expected to be completed by the end of this month.
1. Repairs and desilting of existing bandhara (small dam) opposite Ashramshala(Hostel School) at Talavali (19 km from Murbad )- cost 35 lakhs

2. Construction of a check dam on upstream side of the existing bandhara at Talavali – cost –16 lakhs

3. Construction of Gaibian bandhara on another stream on upstream side of the existing bandhara at Talavali – cost – 9 lakhs

In addition to the above, following three works of check dams are proposed to be started on priority, so as to complete them before the onset of monsoon:
4. Check dam in survey no.138 of Talavali village ,Taluka Murbad

Length – 16 m,Height – 3 m with Estimated cost Rs. 7 lakhs

About 50000 cft water is expected to be stored in this check dam

5. Check dam at Umbarpada of Talavali village ,Taluka Murbad

Length – 10 m,Height – 1.5 m with Estimated cost Rs. 3.5 lakhs

About 15000 cft water is expected to be stored in this check dam

6. Check dam on Kanikhira river by side of Karsoda Road of Talavali village ,Taluka Murbad-

Length – 10 m, Height – 1.5 m with Estimated cost Rs. 3.5 lakhs

About 15000 cft water is expected to be stored in this check dam

After construction of these proposed three check dams,about 70 acres of land is expected to be irrigated. Moreover, ground water table is also expected to be improved making their water sources more sustainable. Local Farmers are expected to cultivate more crops like vegetables, certain pulses etc. due to increased availability of water. They are also expected to start activities such as Poultry, Sheep breading and Dairy, to support their livelihood. This will also generate opportunity for local employment.

Each check dam is expected to benefit 4 to 6 families and generate employment for about 35 persons.

The ultimate aim of all these activities is to enhance the socio-economic development of the area.

Before deciding these three works, meetings with local teachers, farmers (holding 3 to 5 acres of land) and Panchyat Samiti office bearers were held seeking their cooperation and wholehearted support. They have committed to undertake the desilting of these check dams every year.

Preliminary survey at 20 other sites has been carried out and these works are proposed to be taken in hand next year.

We have also planned a programme of plantation of trees, along the streams, on upstream and downstream sides of these check dam sites.

Vanarai Bandharas, each costing Rs. 8-10 thousand will be constructed in the month of November and December 2016, on the upstream side of these three check dams.

If you have any further queries on the subject matter,please feel free to write to me.

Thanks and regards,

Milind Kelkar

A Link to Vasundhara Sanjivani Mandal Setup

Vasundhara Setup


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