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Consciousness and Illusion of Time

Got to blogging back after a while. And coming back with a heavy metaphysical title, aren’t I?

Recently I was reading the book “The Power Or Now”, by Eckhart Tolle.  It’s a great book that talks about the habit of mind to dwell in the past or future. He stresses the importance of being in the present moment again and again. And he refers to time as an illusion.

I have heard the time as an illusion concept from some Zen writings as well. Never quite figured out how exactly something that forms the basis of all experiences can be an illusion.

But then I was talking a nice walk one evening and an idea struck me.

I see a car going from point A to point B in space and time. I conclude that I, the observer, remained the same and the car went from one place to another place relative to the observer in the span of time as watched by the observer.

But it can also be argued that instead of the car going anywhere, the consciousness of the observer went from “experiencing the car at a point in time and space” to “experiencing the car at another point in time and space”. So it’s the consciousness that changed from being conscious of the car at place A to place B.

If this is the case, then everything can be resolved as journey of consciousness.  All the movements, sensations, experiences, visions, sounds, tastes, smells, are journeys of consciousness. The consciousness goes from smelling nothing to smelling flowers and then back to smelling nothing. The consciousness goes from hearing nothing to hearing nice musical tone and then back to hearing nothing. Indeed a strong argument can be made for the time (and space for the same sake)  being an illusion and change in consciousness being the only reality.

Good news is this gives us a single account book to enter all mental, physical, emotional, spiritual transactions – the journey of consciousness. This makes holistic accounting easy.

Bad news is this account book is entirely subjective. Different for everyone. This firmly subjective view of reality leads analytical philosophy to where theory of relativity lead classical physics to. You can’t really make any objective statement about someone else’s  experiences, because they have a different frame of reference of their consciousness, a different perspective. They have undertaken a different journey than yours.


3 Responses

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  2. I really like the post! I agree that the subjective experience is unique to the individual ….but the unique experience of reality is a characteristic of life in the third dimension, where there is illusion and ego, which determines the experience. Once your energies shift and go beyond 3d, letting go of the ego and living from the heart energy, you experience a unified experience where all is one…..and you leave the unique subjective experience behind!!!!!!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. If a serious view is to be taken of time and consciousness, one must understand quantum phy paradox of measurement and subject-object relation. I suggest Amit Goswamy -Physicist view of nature reading.
    Also self aware universe…search google for amit goswamy.

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