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Birth Of A Habit-II

This is a second part of my previous post Birth of a Habit.

Anxieties and phobias is one thing. But I am beginning to think even a religious belief is a habit. You are going through some tough time. You end up feeling lost. You pray to God and good stuff happens. Then you end up thinking that the good stuff happened because you prayed.

A while back, I read an article, a scientific explanation of the parting of the sea miracle by Moses. The scientists said in a particular rare combination  of temperature, pressure, wind and land topography, it might look like a body of water is parting itself.

I remember reading about this parting of river in birth stories of Krishna as well as parting of water by Moses.

These seemingly random events happened at just the right time must have acted as tremendous enforcer of belief. Looking at a rare event of water parting, the folks would be totally willing to believe that this is divine hand at play.

So this would serve as “anchor” event for the religion. Then later on with just enough amount of favorable coincidences, the religious belief would get enforced as habit. If the situation around the time of this anchor event is gloomy, anarchic, troubled times, then the anchor event shines even more on this dark background. Soon people believing in that religion come together as a community and make good things happen. The credit to making these good things is again given back to the religious belief/prophet/god/book/doctrine. The religion grows. It’s kind of ironic to think that the god did not make miracle happen, the miracle gave birth to a God. But that might be true.

But the world does not walk on a line, it walks in a circle. So sooner or later the statistical balance is restored. More events go against the belief than for. The religious belief, or habit rather habit of believing in that prophet/god/book/doctrine weakens. People open up their minds again.

Almost every religion seems to have walked this path of one major anchor event (or a small set of these) followed by many man made achievements whose success is attributed to the religious belief. Different religions we see around us are in different phases of their lifecycle, like stars born in galaxy. Sooner of later all will meet the same fate.


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