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The Dual Mode of Life

When I was in school and college, we often went to private tuition. Most of the times this tuition was offered by the same teachers that taught in school or colleges. This tuition thing was of highest importance when I was in 12th grade. Almost no one attended the college. But everyone attended the private tuition. Everyone wasted double time and double money.

That’s not the only case of dual modes I am talking about. We have dual modes, or separate areas reserved in our head, for many other areas of our life.

People learn something in school and college. They don’t question the validity or relevance of that knowledge. In their mind, it does not matter in real life anyway as the only reason they are learn in school is to pass the exam and to get a certificate. In real life they will have to learn different things again. So there is a dual mode for knowledge. One for just the sake of learning, and one for real life.

Then there is a dual mode in spirituality. There are long lines in front of the temple and in principle everyone agrees on what is good for the country and society. But then there comes practical mode, where most of it is forgotten and different behavior is seen.

Then there is dual mode in economy. There is one white economy, when you earn salary, pay taxes, etc. And there is black economy. When money exchanges hands under the table.

There is dual mode of operations in organizations. One where everything is official. And then there is another mode that works with bribe, under the table deals and favoring the personal friends.

Our mind consistently has to switch between these two modes, and its hard and tiring. What if we could just fuse some of the modes together?

In the first case, why not remove the requirement that people must be registered to some college? Why not let them attend only the private tuition and skip the college entirely? If the teachers earn more money by taking private tuition and students learn sincerely there, let it be so.

Why not make it official to lobby in governments to some extent? Why not make it legal for politicians to take donations from such lobbyists? Just because then rich and powerful people would influence politics? But they already do so. And if the political donations and lobbying is legal, even organizations of small people like teachers unions will be able to make donations, not just mafia bosses and industrialists.

Another case in mind is the driving training in India. Most of the times people here take driving lessons from driving schools. These guys do pretty good job in teaching you how to handle a vehicle. Then you go to a license office and pay bribe to get a driving license. Why not let the driving classes conduct the exams and grant licenses? And then we could keep track of which driving school’s students cause accidents and rank them. In case some school does very poorly, then we can take away the permit of that school to operate.

We have to question our ethics and morals and values in some way. Our ethics currently give clean chit only to absolute benevolent people and actions. Rest all is frowned upon. This creates hypocrisy. Relax some rules, allow people to be what they really are, selfish individuals with a bit of conscience.


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  1. Great points. The driving school point was spot-on. Keep writing

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