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How Meditation Calms Your Mind

Recently I am doing meditation somewhat regularly. I am making some interesting observations.

I am practicing what is called transcendental meditation, where you just keep repeating a word in your mind. When I begin it, I don’t see any changes for a few minutes. Then out of nowhere, I feel muscles of some part of my body relaxing. Usually it is shoulders or back.  Until those muscles are relaxed, I don’t even notice they were tense. Then it happens at few more places in my body. Also there comes a moment eventually, when I have similar experience in my mind. Suddenly the chatter of thoughts stops and there is a feeling of silence. I feel calm and quiet.

Often I find myself waiting for those moments of relaxation to happen. But their occurrence is not under my control. It is somewhat spontaneous and non-linear. Non linear in the sense that sometimes those moments happen in a quick succession. Sometimes they happen with long duration between them. Sometimes they happen quickly, sometimes they happen after a while.

What I have realized is this. Usually there is a constant thread of verbalization in our mind. We are sensing things. The sensation is converted in feeling, the feeling is converted in thoughts via this process of verbalization. Often times this verbalization goes berserk and thoughts give rise to more thoughts, bypassing the whole sensation-feeling-thoughts factory. When thoughts are generated from thoughts, thinking happens at lot more rapid place.

But with a constant repeat of a word in our mind, we throw a monkey wrench in the constant process of verbalization. Eventually it comes to halt. That’s when we experience peace.

Modern scientific research is discovering benefits of meditation. It helps lower your blood pressure, reduces stress level, helps cure depression. Overall, it brings back your mind back at center.

2 Responses

  1. I totally agree; I’ve never had a bad experience, when I’ve meditated. I wrote a similar post – a few months back – if you would like to check it out. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Transcendental Meditation may not be what you are practicing, based on what you have said. If you learned TM from a qualified TM teacher, you have the right to go back and get your meditation checked for free at any of the TM centers in the USA (or for a nominal fee in some other countries). If you did NOT learn TM from a qualified TM teacher, you may not know what you are missing.

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