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One Man’s Angel is Another One’s Demon

Time: Evening 7:00 ish. Place: An airport somewhere in the world.

I am waiting for my plane. I see a mom and a toddler sitting next to me. Then comes a stranger with a big laptop and some gadgets and sets up his shop in the seat next to the toddler. He slowly spread out his gadgets and started taking some extra space and occupying part of the chair where toddler was sitting. By no means his stuff was touching the toddler.

But when the toddler’s mom saw this, she lashed out at the stranger. In her mind, her toddler deserved the full seat. Instead of backing off, the man started arguing with the mother. Soon she became furious and called cops. The laptop wielding stranger left the area heavily embarrassed.

I have had this feeling often, that more harm is done in this world by people who mean well. It just got reinforced. I think more harm is done by overprotective mothers and controlling fathers who just want to ensure safety of their kids, than it is done by remorseless psychopaths or criminal masterminds. In the process of ensuring happiness of kids, the parents often inflict more damage on rest of the world.

And this does not seem to be about a person. I have seen women transformed when they have a baby. In fact this is not even just true about humans. I have read it in hunter stories how the most feared animals in the jungle is a female trying to protect her cubs rather than a male trying to protect his territory. Because the male will back off of the opponent seems to strong. But the female will just not back off and will take insane risks including attempt to attack and fight animals much larger than her.

Is our civil mind developed to control the natural, instinctual response? Or are we just programmed biologically so hard that we use our civilized minds to justify the call of the instinct?


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