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Charlie Sheen : 1 , Colin Firth: 0

There is something I don’t understand. Why is Charlie Sheen getting more screen time than Colin Firth?

Here is one guy who beat his wives, had alcohol and drugs problem, lives with his two young mistresses, rants against producers who contributed a lot to his success in a sitcom role.

And there is another guy who took tremendous efforts to portray a character, delivered a superb performance and won Oscar.

For whose interview the TV channels be tripping over  their toes?

What really makes a story interesting?

There seems to be something going on in media. I would term it “Headline Paradox”. The things that matter most are really not grabbing headlines. And the headlines are increasingly irrelevant to our day to day life.

Polarizing figures seem to be getting more press and press wants us to believe that the world is really polarized. People like a clean division between good and bad, so they can compare themselves to the good character and contrast themselves with the bad ones. Then people get a sense of emotional security that they are good enough.

No one is admiring Charlie Sheen. But everyone is watching him. The popularity of his TV show has gone up. He has launched his own UStream channel of some sort. Everyone is admiring Colin Firth, but no one is looking at him.

Charlie Sheen seems to have won.


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