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The Victimized Indian

I make sarcastic remarks about Britain and British people once in a while. I have some British friends and I never say things in front of them. But in typical Indian crowd, or crowd without British people, I have made such remarks.

Some time back, I was watching a detective serial on TV. There was a psychoprofiler who mentioned something about “perpetual victimization”.

Something clicked inside my head. The pattern of thoughts inside my head could be correctly described as perpetual victimization. I think of myself as a victim. I think my country as a victim. Several groups within India think themselves as victims of some other groups. Overall we think we Indians are victims of colonization. As a Hindu, I think Hindus have been persecuted in Muslim rules and thus therefore are victims. Non-Bramhins think that they are the victims of Bramhins.

And this victimization is endless.

Go to any online discussion forum and start talking about bad things in India and see how people get fired up. Forget anywhere else, even on this blog, there are some postings about Aryan Migration and many many readers seem to be of the opinion that linguistics and Aryan Migration theory is the product of mean and vicious plan of Max Mueller. And thus they suggest that Indian history is therefore a victim. May be Max Mueller was wrong. Why he has to be evil?

For a moment think of him as wrong instead of evil and your sting of discomfort will be much less.

It’s scary when the only thing that brings together is victimization. The vision of modern India should not be based on such victimization. It should not be based on the list of things that were denied to us. It should be solely based on our dreams. Bygone is bygone. We cannot change the past. But we can change the future.


3 Responses

  1. Hallo unknown person,

    This victimization feeling is the easy way out. Something goes wrong and who is responsible? Everybody with one exception: not me.

    That is the easy and comfortable way to react but it has one big fault: never ever any solution will be made available.

    If you feel like it let me know your comments.


  2. Have a look at this article “Shrinking Britain”, you might be interested.


  3. Bhagavad Gita categorically says ‘Friend and Foe are within oneself’ This applies to individual, family, community, society or nation. Hence the downfall of India is due to elements within India and the resurrection again has to be from within. Uddharet Atmanaatmaanam – Let man raise himself by himself.

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