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Good Friends – Bad Friends

A man in a village went to the teacher in ashram.

“I have five friends. I want to test and see who are real friends and who are not. Please help me.” He told the teacher.

“OK. You can try this. Go and tell your friends that you had a fight with your neighbor and he said some bad things about your family. Tell them that to protect your family’s honor, you are thinking of challenging him in a group sword fight. See what they say.”

Next day the man came to the teacher. He said “Three friends told me to go ahead and challenge. Two tried to pursue me otherwise. Clearly the three who care about my family’s honor are my best friends. Isn’t it?”

“Don’t reach to conclusion too soon. Now go back and send a message to all five that the sword fight is arranged at 8:00 tomorrow and the neighbor is going to show up with his friends. Request them to come and join your side.”

Next day the man came back to teacher, deep buried in thought. When teacher asked what happened, he shook his head and started telling the story.

“You are not going to believe this. Yesterday morning I sent messages to all five. And in the evening I got five messages back. Three of them said that they told me to go ahead with the challenge because they cared about my family’s honor, but they could not come and join me in sword fight because they were not good with swords.”

“And the remaining two?”

“They replied back saying that they told me not to go ahead with the challenge because they were not good with swords. But since I went ahead anyway, they are going to show up because they care about my family’s honor.”


4 Responses

  1. I like this. Just randomly came across your blog. Looking forward to more good stuff from you.

  2. Thanks Melvinram! With encouragement from folks like you, hope I can write some more good stuff.


  3. Hi Kedar,

    just came across your site/blog randomly. Read quite a few of your blogs. Mostly Good Stuff! Keep up the good work.

  4. how this for a “bad” friend? http://monkeybusiness1.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/you-think-you-have-shitty-friends/

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