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Mathematical Simulation Of Dreams

I know ZERO about neurology, so I may be completely wrong here.

If you know how computer operating systems work, it handles multiple tasks , switching between tasks so fast that the user feels that all tasks are working at one time. It manages the interrupts ( like you putting
in a floppy disk, or pressing a key on keyboard) and resources (memory, resources (computer memory,
processor time). When more important tasks come, the lesser important tasks are pushed in the background, and when important tasks are finished, the lesser important ones take place.

Our human brain works in a similar way, although it it thousands of time more complex than a
computer. Here interrupts are stimulii to our organs. Resources are neurons and thinking time. So when our
ears listen something, we start thinking about it, and when our eyes see something more important, the
thought about what we listened goes in background. All these unfinished processes are executed when the brain get’s the idle time. I believe these are dreams. So in a sense, they are our unfulfilled desires, as Sigmond Freud says, because our thinking is always in line with our desires. And in a sense they are way of
draining the and clearing some of the meomry, as some of the new theories believe.

Most important reasons why I think this would be right is because when I was meditating, I obeserved a
particular order in my -sort-of-day-dreams. They were happening in FIFO (first in first out)order. So
whatever I had experienced just before sitting for meditation was coming to me as dreamign sensation
first, and whatever happend before 2 years was next and whatever happened yesterday was next and so on.
This comes very close to scheduling algorithm theory.

But there is a small demonstration of what I mean is available. If you search the web for “Game of Life”
and find out a little more about it, then you will know what I mean.

So essentially dreams are stimulii from inside. If you excite a particular node in matrix of game of life,
then it excites the node next to it according to rules you set in the game. And this goes on in matrix and
after a while again the first node gets excited snd it again excites the stimulii which initially activated
it. Exactly the same way when eye excites a neuron, it goes on into neural network and as I described above , after a while, again eye gets excited. That would be dream. So this explains what would happen if people
are deprived of sleep. Hallucinations. Because after a while the excitation from inside will be so strong
that eye will refuse to listen to outside stimulii and buckle before internal stimulii.

I know this is not that simple. Our eyes are taking several megapixels information in per second. Add our
remaining senses and neurons of order of Trillion or more (am I correct?). And then our brain works in
fuzzy logic, not in binary logic. So prove my theory, I need a super computer. In fact any super computer
today will not be sufficient. Perhaps job for a Cluster computer in near future.


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