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Hoax – “Giant Skeleton Found In India”

Before some days, I received some mails which claimed that a giant skeleton was found in India resembling to the description of the character of Ghadotkach in Mahabharata.

Following photos were attached.

Skeleton India 1..skeleton india 4

skeleton india 3…..skeketon india 2

If you have received this mail, this is Hoax.

Following is more explanation.

  1. A new skeleton indeed was found in India before a couple of years, but that was skeleton of a dinosaur. The link to that finding is here. Some people are creating confusion and spreading false information.
  2. Before some time, there was discovery of Homo Floresiensis , a smaller than average human species. This added a new chapter to theory of evolution and made a huge news worldwide. The news was reported in papers world-over. Several scientists rushed to the place for more research, several research papers were written, etc. Skeleton like this would be a bigger deviation to theory of evolution than the Homo Floresiensis and would be a far larger news if this were true. The news coverage would not be limited to a small newspaper.
  3. The images are clearly altered photographs. In the image where the skeleton is lying around with a bulldozer near its head, the head is clearly not in place where it should be. It is modified to fit in that square pit in picture. Also the surrounding green area in second picture is absent in first picture.
  4. In the second picture, the head looks at different place than the first one.
  5. In third picture, the guy sitting there is not somebody you can find digging in a village in remote Northeast. He looks Caucasian with a cowboy hat. Also the skeleton in this picture is lying with legs folded on a VERTICAL wall, very different from that in the first two pictures where the skeleton is lying on ground with legs streatched .

Here is another rational viewpoint. http://www.rationalistinternational.net/article/20041001_en.html


Now see the skeleton vanishing before your own eyes.

Skeleton is ..Skeleton gone 1…going skeleton going 2 …going.skeleton gone 3..gone

About half an hour on paintshop pro. Then some playing around in Irfanview for 5 mins.

I think I don’t even need Paintshop pro. I can do this in Gimp and Irfanview, both free softwares.

Different levels of sharpness or blur in different parts of image is obvious sign that the image is fake. Also abrupt color changes, mismatching shadow directions and micro level details like hand grips, immediately give away faked image.

For all those who still believe there was such a skeleton found , here is the final chapter in the story of Skeleton.

Not all of us take forwarded email as final word of God. One of such rational enthusiasts is Harikumar P. He contacted Archaeological Survey of India and asked them directly about this skeleton. He got letter from Superintendent of ASI , explicitly denying any such finding in India.

Below if the copy of the letter.
letter from archaeological survey of India

Oh, but didn’t the National Geographics Report it too?

Heck no! Here is the copy of email Harikumar forwarded to me.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: rescor@nationalgeographic.com < rescor@nationalgeographic.com>
Date: 10-Aug-2007 21:08
Subject: Re: Discovery of Gaint Skeleton in India?

Dear Harikumar P:

Thank you for contacting the National Geographic Society.

The story you have seen online is a hoax that’s been floating around over
the Internet for the past few years. Visit the urband legend websites at

http://www.snopes.com/inboxer /hoaxes/giantman.asp

for more information and how these photos were put together.

Best wishes,

Lisa T.

National Geographic Society


(Harikumar, Thanks a ton, for hammering the final nail in the coffin of the giant skeleton.)

Moral of the story- This is FAKE.There are some researchers indeed looking at Mahabharata being a real event in history. But this has nothing to do with it. In fact things like this harm the real researchers.

The issue of ancient Indian civilization is a very large and complex issue. If you are interested, please read my following posts.

My thoughts on Aryan Migration Theory

My thoughts on Aryan Migration Theory – II

Decoding Ancient Indus Script


176 Responses

  1. nice blog

    • darwin is a liar…

  2. People love wasting other people’s time. I just hope that Homo floresiensis is not a hoax. I have a vested interest in the Flores Island story, having written a fictional novel on the find. There is more on this ongoing controversy about hobbit Homo floresiensis find at http://www.floresgirl.com.

    Erik John Bertel

  3. People do anything to to make Darwin a lier. 🙂

    • these “giants” are not necessary against Darwin’s theory. If they have existed, they simply disappeared as the Neanderthal did.

      • While these “giants” are not necessarily against Darwin’s theory, Christians in the US & Australia use these types of pics as proof positive that the biblical myths are historical documents and not morality tales.

    • Darwin himself, recanted ALL of his own Theories on his death bed. So he must’ve known something was wrong with the science of his theory. (There are a lot of those….theories that can’t be proven) i know it’s sort of off topic but since we’ve gone there…
      Anyhow, I believe that there is “something” to “every theory” (photoshop or not) and they all go together. We need to come together as a people (not a gov’t) but as the human species so that we are able to put the puzzle of our history and existence.
      For all we know there are thousands of ‘secrets’ that The Powers That Be, do not want us to know for various reasons. — The Rothschilds family, for example, print most of the worlds currency (talk about job security) then you have Ted Turner owning most of the media airwaves…there are many ways that the top 1% of wealthy people choose to keep the other 99% in the dark. The world has quietly been directed by the same 13 bloodlines for well over 1000 years… google it. 🙂 but not if you’re enjoying the bliss that ignorance naturally creates… tread lightly and take with a grain of salt. 🙂

      • J Perry,
        Why do you lie?
        Darwin didn’t recant. His theories have become facts today.
        Apparently your mind is an open sieve letting anything and everything in.

        Here is a Christian website that acknowledges the recant story is a hoax perpetrated by a couple of Christian women. They continue to lie because their religion is an illusion.


      • Extremely well put, I couldn’t of said it better myself.

        just to let you know the bottom right, or the 4th pic Is taken actually fro video footage taken from a helicopter it was circling around the site wile the archaeologist was working on the piece, I saw it a couple of years ago and if it was faked it was better that any Hollywood stuff I have ever seen and would be too costly for most people in this world to fake something like it.

    • the giant skeletons provoke speculation…..and speculations fire imagination….they may be fake but they did their job for me. they made me think about ancient alien astronauts, about a possible x-nibiru and much more. i am a science post grad, BUT i can still offer to speculate……there is nothing wrong with it…..the day we think that we’ve known everything; – that’s the end of our quest of learning.
      But the fact remains that the Sumerians very correctly predicted the position of the sun and 9 planets 6000 years back and that the pyramid builders had knowledge of stars not seen by unequipped eyes….maybe we don’t know much about these things yet only time will tell how they gathered such knowledge. Also, I don’t think Darwinism will be affected by existence of behemoth creatures in the past or existence of true extraterrestrial beings and they having something to do with our past and future…….and neither people traveling in time would make any difference…..i would rather wait and watch…….and also there is nothing wrong in faith or belief…..even some 60 years back people would not believe that just four bases of DNA could carry enough information to make a creature as complex as ourselves…….and probably even Newton wouldn’t buy the quantum theory or the theories of relativity………BUT if you notice carefully, most scientific principles arrived in conformity and as an explanation to observable phenomena and nothing otherwise…….and similarly , i am sure something strange discovery is awaited to be made for what we see in the Nazca strips, the pyramids and fake giant skeletons of possible nephilims and much worse….
      However man has always failed to be open to new ideas, Galileo lost one of his eyes just because some people thought that the planet would be happier had it been flat…….while we often fail to find it strange that an animal that evolved from some scratches of molecules sits in-front of a semiconductor device and speaks his mind….but we would find it stranger if there were any aliens and that they could possibly seed our planet to some extent or even contribute to make it habitable…….
      For me, the genetic code has been the most intriguing mysteries of all times and not aliens or giants.

      • bye

    • I don’t have to do anything to make Darwin a liar. No one says he’s lying. He’s just a pawn of Satan. Never under estimate the power Satan, the Prince of Lies. Satan has control of this world. He’s doing his damnedest to lead people astray.

  4. John,
    You are right. I really wonder who begins chain mails like this.

    Very True. 🙂

    Especially if it is related to hot topic like Mahabharata authenticity.


  5. Thanks! It’s always nice to see someone provide a little “rational enlightenment” on such mystic propaganda…

  6. There will always be those idle individuals with time on their hands to create mischief. However, although this article may be a hoax there are accounts of Giants in many of the holy books, heiroglyphs and other ancient documents. There are many things of the past, yet to be discovered, that we know nothing about. You may wish to visit this site: http://www.stevequayle.com/index.html

  7. Also, zoom in on the right hand of the skeleton in second picture. You will see a revolver, like what the cowboys used to have. Modern Ghatotkacha, I presume :-))

  8. Apart from the revolcer I mentioned above, if you keep an open mind (I love these kind of mysteries) and play the devil’s advocate on above comments by the author of this blog:
    1. These could be different skeletons, so you see different sites one with grass around and another without near the earthmover. No one said there’s only one skeleton?
    2. The last photo with all those guys fitting the archeological frame is not easy to fake. Notice how everything is overlapping and shadows etc.
    3. The covering note said this is being investigated by ASI and Nat Geo. So, lots of chances that a caucasian guy is involved.

    Well, the revolver still stumps me anyway…..haha.

  9. Hello Madhu, thanks for your comments.
    The revolver like thing is something vertical protruding out of the ground and its shadow. It is looks like a revolver, but it is not.
    About your second comment-
    Your point 1- All the mails said “A giant skeleton is found, which is believed to be that of Ghadotkacha”. So safely we can presume that they were talking about only one skeleton.
    Your point 2- The photo is morphed well. However one simple thing. See that shadows in left bottom are crisp. The shadows towards top right are rather diffused. That is just one thing.
    If you have paintshop pro, then there is a tool called “Clone Pixels”. Try that.
    Your point 3 -Could a Caucasian guy come with National Geographic? May be. I give you that. But that still does not explain how the skeleton went from horizontal pit to vertical wall, and from stretched legs to folded legs.

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  11. Also check out my next related post at

  12. Good one, too bad it’s a hoax 😦

    Wow, I thought it was gonna be a ‘Land of the Giants’ thing for a moment, or evidence of aliens from outer space or of the real Gullliver or something…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t try to fool the world

  13. Yo sabia que estas fotos eran un fraude. ¿No han notado que en la foto del bulldozer el esqueleto aparentemente tiene una pistola (revolver) en la mano derecha? Sin embargo, si hay descubrimientos verdaderos de gigantes en distintas partes del mundo (no de 10 metros, pero si de mas de 3 metros, con el patron comun de tener 6 dedos en cada mano y pie). Busquen en la net y los hallaran; son de dominio publico.

  14. my professor showed us this in class today… hmmm i cant believe she didn’t do her research

  15. I came across this blog and I thot I’d share it with you regarding this story. The photos are definately fake. Check out the full story: http://around-the-world1.blogspot.com/2007/06/mystery-of-80-feet-tall-human-skeleton.html

  16. Well… it goes without saying that this picture was treated in in adobe photo shop program just to make the this archeological founding a fake, evidently the first photo is real, but later on appears the same photo already treated in adobe photo treater using the blure tool in the program..listen you dudes..if you are not open maind persons..how are you going to react when all this shit be proven to be true ? what do you think if Darwin evolusionist theory is a fake invented to confuse mankind ?
    The 3 photos showed in the top of this page are real, if you do not believe that`s your bussiness…

  17. Hello Mehulio79. Thanks a ton for the link. To all readers, please visit the link by Mehulio. It has the original photos from where the last pic was faked.

    Hello Pedro. I think all photos are fake. Please see my second post at


    About keeping open mind. I will say there is always a tiny tiny chance of this being true and me being wrong. But that chance is less than that of me winning mega lottery jackpot. I would not plan on it , I would not argue in favor of it and I am going to safely assume that this is not true.

  18. In a comment above, Nikol has mentioned this was brought up in her class. I am totally surprised. I just hope it was not anthropology class.

  19. Check the head it`s above the hole level, and shouldn`t it be hundreds of feet underground since it`s over 4000 yrs old…

  20. Check the skull , one has teeth the other doesn`t , one is lookiing towards the front and the other is looking towards your right.

  21. http://www.graphics.cornell.edu/outreach/mastodon/aerial-views.html

  22. un prehistoric elephant
    thats where the original pics came from

  23. Als0 on the sec9ond picture from top to bottom, the skeleton has a gun jajajajajajja
    I just noticed that…….

  24. first of all yes the pictures have been treated, yes there has been findings with giant fossils, different species thought you got them ranging from 9 feet all the way to 43 foot. if you do your research there are several accounts through history, http://www.rense.com/general2/giants.htm ohio for example not to go too far. http://www.prospector-utah.com/LAND%20OF%20GIANTS.htm

    this page has a lot on the subject

    and remember that no one creates himself as to think they are God, or to think that they are the only one.

    almost all the fossils found belonged to male, so my theory is they could of run out of females for one reason or the other.

    also try looking for the fermi paradox, its very interesting and the best part is that its written by top scientists.

    another thing is that third picture is real and has nothing to do with the other two, which is a bit obvious but you never know, might get people trying to drown in a glass of water.

    blessed be.

  25. Hmmmmm I guess Ultra-man never survived that fight with Ghidra. lolz

    But anyway… I wish people would stop perpetuating these hoaxes because it takes time away from scientist’s to research this crap when they could be focusing on REAL science, and not trying to find the truth behind these sci-fi claims. I love science fiction, but it needs to stay in books and movies, and OUT of the mainstream science. I know how Thor must have felt about Loki now…

  26. […] Hoax – “Giant Skeleton Found In India” Before some days, I received some mails which claimed that a giant skeleton was found in India resembling to the […] […]

  27. You guys have entirely too much time on your hands.

  28. So do you Dana!!!

  29. Its nice to see people who are so knowledgable regarding the find, giving their IQ’s away, well done guys! Your reasons proving the pictures are doctered are very scientific, once again, keep up the speculations!!!

  30. All I can say is that there is a great mystery behind this. In your point of view these pictures have been faked,I must laud your efforts and your determination of doing researches. But it can also be true. You never know.

  31. You can even see a gun in the second picture. Where did that come from?

  32. Yep, I can see that some of the pictures have been tampered with…!
    Don’t know wat they wanted to do!!!

  33. To me this is all real. I read Mahabarat……….its a book from India and their were people who was this big. What people want to say, that books are fake too. How can we think we were the only type of people, just how dinosor was discovered then why not other things as well. What some people wants us to think is that we came from monkey and nothing more. Scientis did not created this word. They could be so many other things out there that we don’t even know about. I do believe that we need to open our minds to other things and not be limited to what scientis say to us. If this is real or not real i do believe that othere humans were here before us. I didnt come from no damn monkey!

    • im not from a monkey either. all the creatures on this planet were created by GOD. Every thing was created by GOD In 6 days, then HE rested on the 7th day. there is no mention of evolution in the bible,only creation during those 6 days. also meaning that it was quick and not over a period of thousands or millions of years. Darwin had his head up his butt when he created a >THEORY< called evolution. no kidding. As for the photos of these giant skelitons, if it is real, its not from evolution. if its a fake then dont worry about it. i also realize that im responding to comments that were made 5 yrs ago. still my comment stands. UNC.

  34. Well, I had to agree vt Linda. I belive its true. Though the comments made here does makes sense but for me, I think there are some kind of speculations involved, to make non belivers support their theory. I choose to belive this.

  35. Linda,

    Personally I think Mahabharat is a story based on facts. As far as human element in Mahabharat is considered, people and their emotions, I think that might be true. As far as all the mystical stuff is considered, well, we have no proof.

    Lot of people argue that “well, they mentioned airplanes, so they must be having airplanes.” My answer is “Harry Potter uses flying brooms, but that does not mean flying brooms are available in U.K.” Artist’s imagination always runs a few steps ahead of reality.

    We need to keep our minds open, yes. But we must keep them open for objective facts, not for beliefs and superstitions.

    I wish I could agree with you. I am a stunch believer that Mahabharata happened, but not the mustical part.

    Could there be a skeleton of giant Ghatotkacha lying somewhere? May be yes with a minute possibility.

    Is this a skeleton of a giant which resembles Ghatotkacha? Hell No. This one is fake.

  36. Chingen a su madre, mejor les vendemos las piramides de Chichen Itza…bara bara y de remate !!!

  37. I have receive these photos with the commentaries in spanish. Searching in the National Geographic web site, I did not find anything and it was strange. Luckily quickly I arrived here to clarify all this.
    Thank you,
    Nicolás Pereyra

  38. i cant imagine to see such a big skeleton of Bhima’s son Ghatotkacha.Giant Skeleton Found In India” Before some days, I received some mails which claimed that a giant skeleton was found in India resembling to the […] […]

  39. yes, This news is a Hoax.

    Even a Kannada News paper has published the same story.
    A short translated summary of the news report is as follows: The Indian Team of National Geographic in association with Indian Army have found a Large Human Skeleton in the army controlled region of Kurukshetra. The Skeleton is said to be about 50 feet in height. The width of its head itself is said to be about 3 feets. Many inscriptions’ and shashanaas have also been discovered from the spot.

    Immediately, I have filed an application under Right to Information Act 2005 for obtaining all the details including photos and documents related to such discovery directly to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Office as always I do.

    The application is then transferred to Archeological Survey of India, Chandigarh Region through its Head Office based at New Delhi.

    But shockingly I have received a reply from the Superintending Archeologist of Archeological Survey of India stating that NO Such discovery has been reported anywhere in that region.

    The copy of the reply can be provided.

    So sad. This type of Hoax is creating a great confusion and it indeed creating a false representation to the society that all the claims of Hindus are false.

    It does not mean that everything in Hindu Mythology is false. We are yet to discover a strong proof , that’s all.

  40. You stupid morons. Open your eyes finally and see the truth. For hundreds of years there were phenomenons that were considered not to be possible and real and now they are… Remember the electricity? Magnetism… All about the space and the universe…

    I believe old legends say just the facts, true facts… And we rather live in our cube of well-known things, satisfied and we don’t allow new facts to come… That’s all our problem of “not-believing”. Try to read some historical books! Wish you were crying when the truth is out… Stupid people! Stupid satisfied people…

    • Legends are often based on fact but they get exagerated over time. If there were any genuine giant human fosils, there would be at least one in the British Museum. At least there would be one some where on Earth that a person could actually go and see first hand. There are none.

  41. These were comments on my post “Oh My God!! Where Is The Skeleton Gone.” Since I merged the skeleton related posts into one, I am merging the comments as well.


    May 31st, 2007 at 9:17 pm


    Wow, I thought it was gonna be a “Land of the Giants’ thing for a moment.

    Just as well, given all the other fossils and old skeletons we have found, and that this was a human skeleton in a shallow grave, to think we would have never found this earlier had it been true, is depressing in itself.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t play hoaxes on people
    June 5th, 2007 at 6:52 am


    Always thought so. But never went deep inside.

  42. These are comments on my post “Final Nail In The Coffin Of Giant Skeleton.” I merged the post. So I am merging the comments as well.


    Comments feed for this article

    August 22nd, 2007 at 12:45 am



    Would this be the same skeleton of a giant human?

    August 22nd, 2007 at 6:04 am



    Hey Ankabyuth,

    Yes, exactly the same skeleton.


    August 23rd, 2007 at 11:42 am



    Amazing how the same two photos gave rise to 2 different hoax stories.
    thanks for bringing this version to my attention. keep on debunking those myths. 😀

    August 27th, 2007 at 5:25 pm



  43. public ko chutia mat bana-e-a

  44. Pedro please, look at the color picture whit grass in it. Estimated by the “man” standing up they would have dug down atleast halv a meter (2feet) around the excavation site, (the grass is at a higher elevation). Look at pictures of other excavation sites, they dont dig around like that! And why the hell would they waste time, money and energy on a stupid thing like that?! And its a fake, ok. Its a picture of a homicide scene. Ive seen this picture before, on the Discorery Channel. Its the remains of a teenager that was murderd by his father and he buried his son in the backyard.

  45. I was searching on more news related to the gair.. after it was reported by a daily newspaper on its front page in Indore….Madhya Pradesh….I was more happpy when I saw this blog….I havce passed it on to an edtor of an another newspaper….

    by the way how do u make a blog…can u teach me ?

  46. The photops are real; if you read Tueaday Lobsang Rampa’s the Opening of the third eye you will come across reference to exactly these kind of skeletons. In addition before Homo floresiensis no-one would have believed that a human being could be fully formed at such a small size. It is likely that ‘giant man’ is a product of unusual environmental factors. Fianlly most cultures contain myths of giant people and these people are depicted throughout history – take the cerne abbas man in Southern England for example.

  47. Definately this is real. I am from Spain and when I was a child my grandfather took me into the mountains and showed me a large skeleton in a sacred place just like these – please contact me if you want the photos he kept of this

    • I would like you to send me these pictures via my email as I truly believe too that these are real pictures.

    • Could I please get the picture of a giant skeleton as well ? I am sooo intrigued .. thank you in advance

    • Please, send me those pics, and tell me more how your father got to that. Am Spanish too (from Bilbao living in England, with one child, and regreatfully feeling as hand-tight as any other mortal. There kings no more – money is our new king and he’s being made by some a very powerful one), and I feel so, so curios and passionate about these issues which some powerful people are so, so set to keep it as a “mystery”….for mysterious reasons that only they really know. Discoveries like these are very good for humanity. You remember for example the Gospel of Judas? Nobody believed it existed. When God was like “money” is in our days, you would not even dare to think it existed. Only fools would, but eventually after almost half a century, national geographic finally brought it into the open and even translated it, Much to the dismay of the church and its blind followers. It was believed to be a myth, and many swore it simply didn’t exist……sadly we are so blind and know, so, so, so little about us human beings and about everything, realy. The politicians, instigated by the few really powerful (rotten rich in the main), insist and insist and insist, one and again and again, to keep almost a whole planet (over 7 million people) completely blind and like asleep, absorbing us with “our problems”, inventing complicated monetary systems so that nobody can really understand it, telling us that tere is not enough for everybody (a lie, it is a manufactured perception. There is enough for us all) inventing all sort of wars, political and war conflicts, economical crisis, and doing all they can to keep us quite and uninquisitive. Now they gave us a global recession (they will swear, and most probably think so, that it is absolutely real….yes, as real as money I suppose) and powerful money tells us that we are too busy to keep our attention on stupid things like giants and other realities. God, we are so very blind. But, then again, I suppose it is part of our learning process as a race, human race. May be one day we will open our eyes to reality. I just try to keep calm, but it is so difficult. We are at a time when us human beings aren’t scared of anything (excuse my ignorance to those living fearful, but this is a general talking), not even religion, so sadly powerful at a time and so nothing in our times. The only thing really scares us now is “money”, which it has become kind of our religion….money means everything and keep us anxious, worried and nervous, and if you have it, you have nothing to worry because you have “everything”…..do you? I feel that we are going into a new era and we are trying to wake up, only that it is made so difficult for the everyday people (only mortals) by the real powerful people up there making us dancing at their will. First, the very powerful (just a few really when you think) managed to keep humanity blind and in fear of openly awakening with “religion”, but now humanity is manageg by being kept in fear of awakening with “money”; our new religion. We all are scared of not having the last for us and the last for our children….how could we live without an i-phone, or at the vey least an android mobile, how could we live without a nice big tv with freeview, how could we asimilate life without a microwafe and all those conforts we “just need”…..all this cost money and it keep us like this, and of course politics, many of them believing it with their hearts (when you are up you never, or rarely look down, and if you do you just want to make them like you because you are so rightfully up), just feed it all.

      Me apasionan estos temas. Principalmente porque esto hace posible que las personas salgamos ya de nuestra “comfort area” y gradually but surely despertemos de nuestra absurda realidad (principalmente “money”, nuestro nuevo dios), la cual no es real, solo dada por real y unica a la raza humana por algunos (preguntate porque). No sabemos absolutamente nada de nuestra herencia ancestral y mucho menos de nosotros como seres humanos, destinados a un mundo mejor. Pero como todos sabemos, unos pocos se empenan en seguir manejando los hilos de la sociedad……de hecho hay tanto que se nos oculta que no puede uno evitar preguntarse…..porque? Pero un porque con reproche, a esas gentes poderosas (podridas de dinero) que mantienen a casi un planeta entero ciego y en la oscuridad, almost plena. Hay tanto que no sabemos, que realmente no sabemos absolutamente nada, aparte de nuestra absurda realidad la cual nos la creemos a puntillas…..y lo demas son tonterias y mentiras de gente sin sentido como yo y muchos otros locos – esta es la percepcion que se tiene de gente como yo que se pregunta, mas alla de las preguntas, los verdaderos porques y la verdad, algo que se nos ha escondido desde siempre….porque?

  48. The email I received had a fifth picture attached, of a skeleton in a square grave, the one you mention above with the bulldozer. If you look closely you´ll see its the same one in the grave above

  49. Well there is a problem with this article when comparing pictures. The first pic, of course, is not going to show the green grassy area because it is a CLOSE-UP of the skeleton so therefore, you CAN NOT compare it to the first pic by that. Second, those are not in the same area. The first pic and the second are not of the same origin. They ARE from 2 different places. Last, the 3rd picture of the skeleton with it knees bent does not mean that could not be real just because the first skeleton was “found” with it’s leg straight. People die in all sorts of ways and angles. You CAN NOT say just because you found a skeleton of a regular human lying straight down, that the next one you find…let’s say…praying on it’s knees covered from volcanic ash or something…that it’s automatically fake. That’s ridiculous. You never know though….they could be real. THE GOVERNMENT IS EXTREMELY GOOD AT COVERING THINGS UP. Do you honestly believe that we are the only inteligent beings in this WHOLE universe???

  50. I do think there were giants at one time on the earth. Please send the copies to me so I will have more evidence of this. Thank you. Robert L.

  51. wow!

  52. Jose, if what you say is true, take your photos to a digital photo shop, have them copied, send them out on youtube along with where these locations of the giant(s) can be found. Thank you, Robert L.

  53. Check this link out. [http://www.graphics.cornell.edu/outreach/mastodon/aerial-views.html]

  54. http://www.worth1000.com/cache/gallery/contestcache…. Another Link to check out.

  55. This is absolutely absurd. Apparently(with a little research), this was initially
    a photoshop composition contest and people starting giving and spreading
    misinformation to the masses. I found it intrigueing…. however, silly.

  56. nice April fool’s material.
    but i must appreciate the hard work involved in making the thing seem real.
    for a second even the abnormally irrespondable person on earth may jump up on his toes.

  57. Something I would like to add is that it seems to be impossible for the human form to come in such sizes anyway.
    This is not my own theory, I have read it in a physics book more than 15 years ago.
    If there was a human body that was scaled up 5 times from normal, it’s weight would be multiplied by 5x5x5=125, because weight is related to volume and all three dimensions would be multiplied by 5… etc.
    On the other hand, bone strength is related to it’s cross-section which would be only multiplied by 5×5=25.
    So, a bigger human would have to have much thicker (proportionally) bones to carry it’s weight. It wouldn’t just be scaled up.
    Please correct me if I am wrong and excuse me if someone else has already posted something like this. I didn’t take the time to read everything in detail.

    • Hi Jim

      in connection with you 555 rule in human physics it is diffrent from the human biology’ of the genes the bone density wold evolve with the body as it would have to compansate

      ex if humans were to continue the rest of there existence in whater over millions of years we would start to evolve to a more water proof skin structure evolve to have some kind of under water breathing system

      now this is somthing i have just though of you will know more than me but that is my own theory

      i have found some websites that might help

      keith carty

  58. When and if a gigantic human skeleton is discovered, there will be tremendous publicity surounding the event. Anything else should be considered as some lame brained waste of lifes energy perpertrated by someone who won’t even claim credit for it publicly. Anyone who believes such nonsense is even more pathetic. not to say that gigantic people never existed, I believe they did, but , considering all the money and fame that would come to the dicoverer, and human nature being what it is, there would be no secret about the discovery, it would be front page news all over the world. For weeks!

  59. Dear all,whatever people say or do to create misguidance,it will allways be in “both ways”,wich means that its not “convenient” to expose some facts of not so recent discoveries on the ground of gigantic skelletons of humanoids,they were found in many countries,pictures were taken,films were made etc etc and all disapears in flows of smoke…WHY? well.before we say what possible reasons could be,think…do we get the correct facts on any important event? no matter what goes on,a lot of powerfull groups that call themselves the elected ones (on any subject ) have demonstrated trough out times,that the power of information is higher than any other social power…so before saying such things are “hoax” or not investigate also the “investigators”..for there is a source of great unmeasurable deviation of painful to ego truth….

  60. Quite right Zorawar,

    Disinformation seems to get more airtime than real scientific discovery. We are living in an age of Disinformation and deception on our Television news broadcasts. With “breaking News” these days being Distraction101. A few “Giant” hoaxers muddy the waters for the real discoveries that are being well concealed. This is the modus Operandi of the slave controllers.

    @ Jim Tafoya? Those kinds of stories just do not make it to the headlines anymore. If they ever did there would be 10 very well paid “Scientific experts” ready to debunk ANYTHING that questions the neat boundaries of our “accepted sciences” we are taught.

    “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
    -George Orwell-

  61. The explanation given by Lisa T from the National Geographic Society is pathetic, as are her photos using paintshop pro.

    Photo 1 & 4: Lisa T states as proof that the image is a fake that the head is not where it should be, so as to fit in the square pit, crap. Look at the other bones and see the decay and then consider also movement over time. Regarding the square pit, these pictures don’t have the edge of the pit showing past the head of this skeleton. Bulldozer, what bulldozer all I see is formwork to sure up the walls of the dig.
    “Also the surrounding green area in second picture is absent in first picture.” You people buy this crap without looking at what crap Lisa T is trying to shovel. Firstly the 1st and 4th (Same) images are croped so as to not have any hope of having any green area. Second, I’m not convinced that these are the same skeletons I.e the 2nd image seems to have a darkened area on the left hand side of the skull.

    Photo 2: Lisa T states that “the head looks at different place than the first one”. First I cant’ see this nor do I buy this. Second could this be due to the first picture having a greater depth of excavation and things possibly having shifted. Third, as stated I’m not convinced that it’s the same skeleton, nor do I care that this second image is real. I say this in that the 1st, 3rd and 4th images are authentic in my opinion.

    Photo 3: Is this the kind of personel that the national geographic society (small caps) hires? So what if this guy in the photo is not a local? What kind of argument is this as to the photo being a fake? Second, the reason that the photo is in a wall and vertical and “very different” is because it’s a different photograph, different skeleton. Lisa T you are a M.ron.

    The fact that the Indian Government, the national geographic society and Harikumar P tries to say these photos are a hoax means nothing. Governments etc have and continue to deny the real truth and keep people in the dark.

    Darwin and Eugenics are from the same pit as are the arguments they propose. For those that don’t have a vested interest in continuing to shovel the lies the establishment pushes, use the internet to discover the real truth.

  62. […] More at https://kedarsoman.wordpress.com/2007/05/16/hoax-giant-skeleton-found-in-india/ […]

  63. I bet you the skeleton indeed is real. National geographic will do everything in their power to stop such things to become public. Yet this did and of course, lets call it a hoax and say its photoshopped!

  64. You are on of this people that say
    Ohh we are the only life in this universe oh yea and this planet belongs too us

    I need one look on a night sky with stars and i now that there is something
    bigger then us

    1 more
    People when your GOD is so great and full of love and and why he don’t came only one time down only one



  66. The comment posted by Jim (november the 09th, 2007), said all. The bones, mainly in the legs, must be thicker to manage the weight of a giant in the earth’s gravitational field. So, all pictures are falsified.

  67. when you guy’s figure out whats going on it will be to late.no one can make you believe anything. but they can try to make you not believe.serch for yourself. come to your own conclusion people. wake up……we were born in this world. many things are hidden from us. if it is logical and you believe we had giant lizard reptails ( dinasours) why do you not believe in giant human beings.don’t believe every thing somone tell you. search and come to your own conclusion.a noob could do the photoshop foolishness the guy did on this page.

  68. one more thing if this is a hoax . can some one tell me were the giant frame came from or who built it, i’ll wait. the dam thing is real.but to admit that wud prove that alot of other things are real as well. do the maths

  69. I have heard many stories of “giants” of old walking the earth, and skeletons being undcovered in the early 1900’s. Every culture on the planet has similar stories, including American Indians. If you go to a European country, you will see that the doors for alot of buildings are very tall, and they too have a history of giant stories. Coincidents? Nah. I think the powers that be have tried very hard to hide all of the evidence all over the world that these giants existed, are being discovered all over the world. It’s part of an agenda to dicredit the Bible, which discusses giants more than once. I think they used paintshop pro to take the skeleton out of the photos, and say it’s a hoax. Noone would spend years of their lives and days to create a hoax out of alot of research. Ask the Russian scientists and researches who go all over the world to find these things if they are real. You think the Russians are interested in wasting time and money on creating a hoax to disprove the Bible by digging these up and taking photos? Hell no! When someone finds one, people come and take it away. If any of you find one, someone will come and take it from you. National Geographic undoubtedly know for a fact that these skeletons are real, and they for sure have seen them and taken photos of them. They also have a bullshit polotical and anti-religion agenda. Ask Islamic leaders if these things existed. They believe in the same historical past as the Christians do, according to the Bible. Go ahead and tell them that they are wrong about this topic, and they are liars, too, creating a hoax. See what happens. Ask the Isreali’s if they have any doubt that King David fought a giant, or if they have found skeletons in Isreal. See what happens. If these are all hoax’s, then why are there so many cases all over the world, finding the same giants? In places where the tribes are not interested in hoax’s or agenda’s?


  70. Another thing that proves that this is a hoax, is what you don’t see. If this was such a huge discovery, then why are there only two people seen in the photo? There should be a swarm of people taking measurements and photos. Also scientist know that earths oxygen levels determine how big living things can grow and live on the planet. The oxygen was to thin 4000 years ago to allow such large creatures to grow or live on this planet. Another thing that say HOAX, is the condition of the skeleton. The skeleton would have almost completely decayed being so close to the surface. Its just funny to listen to the believers, they are so gullible!

  71. This skeleton if of aurjuns son in the anchint indian book of Mahabarata the death of a huge giant was recorded in the book one million years ago and they found it in the same place it said it was dead what do u call that a kwidence? ya right.

  72. The hole should have been a lot deeper if it was dug for a dead giant by ohter giants. This one lays very close to the surface. I don’t believit al all. by the way: it would have been world news, in every news media, if it was thrue.

  73. I dont know I have to believe this or not… But I’ve read about the Nibiru thing.. this might be related with the Giant Skeletons found..

  74. The photo where you have made the giant skeleton dissappear to validate it was a hoax was reprinted in World Explorer Vol. 4 No. 9. Where David Hatcher Childress is the founder. The caption below that photo reads:
    excavations at the mound uncovered at the Star Man Complex in central Michigan. First mentioned in the “Thunder Bay Clarion” in a front page article in 1976, this giant skeleton was excavated by amateure archeologists and then quickly buried again when local historical society threatened legal action. The “Clarion” changed its name over the years to the “Thunder Bay Ledger, which featured this photo in its Sunday supplement, Whacton Weekend”, for November 4, 1984.
    You can all start your research on that photo with the above information. These giants support the bible. These giants are just another stumbling block for Darwinists just like all those supposed links to man are being revealed of no genetic relation to man. The more you use modern science to try to prove Darwinism as the ultimate truth, the more you realize that Darwin was wrong. I’m so sorry your scientific results have proven you wrong. Keep trying to prove that man is a worthless creature so you don’t feel bad about all the ones being butchered or starving in Africa. You all know deep down in your itty bitty god/(Jesus Christ) hating hearts that Darwin was wrong. They cover up the truth about the Giants because it confirms what the bible says about Giants.

  75. Until we get the scientific orthodox people to stop working in conjuction with the super elite that tried everything within their power to suppress the truth(because they want a world without anything else but their manipulated disinformation to control your mind and your total unconscious submission…hahaha), you won’t see anything that will contradict the dogmatic Darwinistic theory militarily enforced in every level of our school teaching. I don’t care if this is a hoax or not, the real scientist with bone will actually go out to the actual site and dig for himself to prove either way, otherwise people are just blobbing their mouths with psudo science point of view.

  76. So much for these giants…I have read numerous reports of such findings but not a single one shows any photos. Too bad. I do believe they may have existed, though.

    However, all you “experts” (joking) missed a very, VERY SIMPLE observation: The photo with the bulldozer projects a shadow; if you look at the angle of the shadow, the cranium of the skeleton should also project a shadow in the same direction and it would be definitely visible. It is not!!!



  77. is it true?

  78. its not true

  79. the only giant is yao ming from huston…hahaha

  80. Well, the other “giant” that I know of is a Japanese athlete from the ’70’s. He was about 7 feet tall and was under treatment to stop growing!!! No joke!

    There are actually reports of giant Native Americans in the 1800’s and there is actually a photo of one of them somewhere. I saw that in the internet and I believe that is a real shot. Apparently the early “pioneers” (a very, VERY gentle term for those who massacred the Native Americans) did find many giant skeletons in the East Coast and other areas and it seems to be documented; of course, this happened before the photographic camera was in vented so there are no photos of that time but there are definitely documented reports of that and if you search the internet you’ll find them.

    As for the one in India, again, I do not think it is impossible that large humans may have existed there; however, the photo we’ve all been discussing is a genuine hoax. Again, the shadows reveal a lot and there is no more need to analyze the photo with that simple detail.



  81. Long long time ago Human were very tall and healthy.And when they start alchohal, smoking and other things they becomes short. And after some time people will become more shorter then current people.If we do not leave smoking and drinking our next genratin will become more shorter than us.

  82. It may be that the true hoax is by the person trying to prove the pictures a hoax. It would be just as easy to take real pictures and remove the skeleton as it would be to place a skeleton in the picture. Its all so funny how we have our agendas and flock to birds with common feathers.

    When something is presented like these pictures skepticism is best at first, then real investigation should follow. One that includes experts and not guesses by those who have an agenda to debunk. A hoax can be proven to be a hoax along the way and a cover up can be revealed. But what if the reported pictures are proven real by the investigation? Don’t you think that we all should follow what is real, instead of those things we believe that would be proven to be false by the reality that this picture and other pictures that are in question on other subjects have been proven to be authentic?

    Honesty Gentlemen, honesty is still the best policy. Withhold your judgments until a real investigation takes place. Otherwise all you have is an opinion and they are like our assholes. We all have one.

  83. Dear Ophelan:

    I could not agree more with you. Judgments, especially unfounded, are most harmful. Sure, honesty is needed as well as true, objective investigation.

    One thing, however; few, VERY FEW people can make a distinction between OPINION and FACTUAL OBSERVATION; most people have and express opinions, and most opinions are driven by belief, not by factual knowledge.

    As for my personal point, my point stands: The projected shadow of the bulldozer and the missing shadow of the cranium is a clear observation, not an opinion.

    Cheers to all.


  84. […] Afzal Khan … UP of the skeleton so therefore, you CAN NOT compare it to the first pic by that. …https://kedarsoman.wordpress.com/2007/05/16/hoax-giant-skeleton-found-in-india/Diablo 3 Officially Announced – IGN11:40 AM — giant static image of Arthas from Warcraft, Diablo, […]

  85. Why is it that people all around the world buy all aspects of Western Theories (which are practically coverups of evidence which has on the contrary surfaced proving that humankind is thousands of millions of years old), so called fact findings of dinosaurs. Why is it hard for humans to accept that which they cannot disprove can very well be also quite true. It is amazing how even truth can be held as fiction, just because of the technology out there.

    Also, just as a note of enlightenment, Why does India need a blessing of AUTHENTICITY from a WESTERN INSTITUTION for eg. National Geographic. Do people fail to see, and perhaps only if one lives in the United States, you will be able to really get to know all the scientists who control and have a say in the publication of National Geographic reports, findings, articles etc. Do people even have any idea that National Geographic is supported and the board of directors on National Geographic are Rich, White, Republican, Right Wing, Christian Conservatives of America. They don’t care anything which is 3rd world, which challenges their much upheld theories even though many of them are lies and debauchery of public. We need National Geographic to give the Blessing. Now CommOn….Have people ever read the Story of Emperor Has No Clothes….National Geographic with deep pockets, can publish glossy magazines with pictures and articles from all over the world. Are all of them lies. No. Are all of them Truths, No. .However, knowing who controls this institution and the amount of sinsiter politics within the scientific community should be a revelation of us seeking validation from National Geographic

    I would be highly skeptical to reject the above finding, just based on people’s flippant dismissal of the above as some hoax, (the mass who are willing to brush this aside as mere nonsense) & when they themselves have never gone to Kurukshetra, and been able to negate the findings. I would think that Indians would have some level of discrimination before coming with some systematic, sophisticated, elaborate hoax which only HOLLYWOOD can dish out and I have never seen anyone rival Hollywoods creations so far.

    Not So in the above. I am quite reluctant to reject the above findings and tend to believe it more so that knowing the richness and greatness of the Living Truth of India’s Spiritual Heritage, these findings are more apt to be a Authentic find than of the contrary.

    Finally, I SIMPLY LOVED AntiNWO’s comments. AntiNWO, your retorts and comebacks to debunk Lisa and her fact-finding “NOT” institution is well written – logical, systematic & a real Winner.

  86. I think its funny that people think that a finding like this disproves the theory of evolution. The bible mentions giants, therefore god is real? Give me a break. Also, to those who say the bones are too thin to support the weight of something so massive, what about dinosaurs? You’ve seen those bones, right? Its said that their bones would have snapped as well by today’s standards. Scientists state that gravity once was 1/3 of what it is today, and I’m sure it was an even smaller force before then, which allowed creatures to be as large as they were. And if you wonder why there are no more of giants, entertain the thoughts of an evolutionary response to an increased force of gravity and society’s response to things that are different. Poor Goliath, used for war and maybe the last of the giants…And once again the existence of giants doesn’t prove the existence of an invisible, magic man who created the world 6,000 years ago and can read everyone’s thoughts and will send you to the land of torture and fire if you have “bad” thoughts forever and ever and ever, which is an infinite amount of time, meaning much, much, much longer than 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years, and in the wonderful words of George Carlin, “But he loves you.”

  87. Well, after many hours of investigating many links, I have to agree with all those who cried foul or “HOAX”….This was a doctored picture and it is quite clear. A person with a shovel next to the skull. Usually with such a find, there would be a lot more archeologists, workers, excavators etc. Also the ground is too shallow for the skeleton to have survived some 5000 or more years. Granted there are a lot of anecdotes in the Shastras (which clearly verify the existance of humans) who were giants, but they would have all had a funeral anyways and burial grounds would have been covered with many more layers of sediments due to the passage of time. There is a website for entries about artists submitting their creations for something called “Archaelogical Oddities” and it was created for that competition.

    I have to admit this story was a hoax.

  88. Giants are refered too all through the Old Testament along with anakim, rephaim. these names signify Giants bred from earth women and anunnaki ( anakim) . beside the discovery of, not a few, but thousands of giant skeletons from arouns the world. From Patagonia to Kansas City, (1877 find) to Saudi Arabia. People, I suggest that youdo your homework before you call anything a hoax or photos are retouched. Fe,fi, fo,fum,I smell the blood of an Englishman. Giants are in every culture tales the world over Native americans tell of blood thirsty giants that are cannables, blood suckers,rapest , murderers etc. some of the giants found are 30 to35 feet tall, but the average seems to range from 10 to 15 feet tall, some with very elongated cranium, huge eye sockets terrific strength. wats bad is they are making their presence known again typified by live sightings. A lot of people are eaten by them (over 150,000people go missing in USA alone and are never heard from again). If you see one, runas hard as you can, run for your life.

  89. I will admit that the 4th photo was edited, as I’ve seen for myself that the man holding the shovel beside the skull on which the shovel itself mysteriously disappear, hmm… But, as others have commented; I remain skeptic about the “hoax” claimed since it would be just as easy to fix a picture to disprove a claim just as it would also be easy to create one to validate a claim.

    As far as my opinion goes, the 4th picture on the above was intentionally manufactured and distributed exactly to disprove or discredit other photos that may possibly be authentic; for the simple reason of protecting a well published, well coordinated, institutionalized and taught in almost every school around the world, the proposed concept concerning the origins of the universe.

    It would just be too much of a blow in the scientific community supporting the “proposed” evolution concept IF their claims would be simply debunked by a few small pictures…

  90. learn and see but don’t see whitout learning ,, giant are real in history ,,,and you are a hoax … http://beam.to/2012

  91. Of course this picture is true. I think that humankind have to change their thinking style. Modern science had already discover too many things but they still dont make public. Scientists community will stuck terribly in the near future. They are in contratiction with themselves these days…in fact they have a conservative mind and still dont believe the new things. All people that want to learn the truth about all these things and all mysteries about life, can read Zhuan Falun and Fa lectures


  93. I’ve been to India and seen the giants with my own two eyes

  94. To All The Know it All Atheist, writing on this blog and elsewhere who choose to believe the limited findings of obtuse, biased and I have to have facts to believe College Professors/Scientists who fill your too quick to believe in them minds; as you quoted about George Carlin, whom I thought had a very quick wit…. But I know all too well …Now, Knows absolutely that there is a God! When people have true experiences you people with arguments can never dissuade them that the strange things that they have seen, felt, etc. did not happen to them! There are too many people thru out the ages that have witnessed what there contemporaries have said could not possibly exist! But thru out the ages people have still seen Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoots, etc. In my father’s island of Puerto Rico, strange things occur all the time and always have, and have been witnessed by whole villages, towns, etc. 1 last point to the modern intellect that says the Bible is a book of myths, why are there cave drawings of men hunting dinosaurs, winged creatures ancient man called Dragons, but curiously look like what we now know are Pteradactyls!
    God Bless 2 All My Good Atheist!
    Remember, a being that created all that we see, that is so powerful that he spoke let there be light and the Big Bang Happened; doesn’t need you to believe in him!
    Better 2 know that he believes in you! And if you ever in your unyielding minds need him will be there 4 U!

    • Good points there. I support you 100%.

  95. have all the temples in india crumbled to dust?

    have all indians converted to beef eating hate mongers?

    have all the holy books of india turned into blood filled grimoires? sending out bolts of lightning every time they are opened?

    NO –

    well i hope not anyway – so why are people spending so much time & energy talking about something so trivial?

    Those indians who are still as they are, before & after the release of these images are showing you all, that it doesn’t matter whether they are hoaxes or not, because things like this happen.

    If they are hoaxes – more than likely they will have been created to discredit indians and indian texts at a time when racist members of our caucasian tribes need to the most, whilst their AIT is crumbling.

    I believe they tried it with the bridge they found between Sri Lanka and India… That its a hoax….

    They even tried to say that Dwarka was placed there by a time travelling demon because they do not want to believe that India – might be older that Mesopotamia….

    which it is and can be proven more times over than the other way round…

    yes it would be nice to find evidence of giants to confirm myth and legends – but does it matter?

    especially when we have deluded presidents claiming God tells him to invade other countries and steal their oil…

    wake up…

    love,peace & TRUTH

    The 3rd Side of a Coin
    The Beginning & The End..

  96. well, as i have researched. many have told me that 12/12/2012 well be the full reason of why this skeleton was made. its because of the nibiru something, that was known that will destroy the earth. and it was predicted by Nostradamus.
    but i dont know if it is real. Though, many have said that nibiru was just one of the sign that Jesus was coming very soon

  97. What do you have to say after this news broadcast?

  98. It is easy to edit out the skeleton but not to edit in.
    If you pay attention the shadows are all in correct side, something that you cannot create in phototshop. Also in photoshop you cannot ad the dirt that is embeded in the skeleton.

    A very good effort to cover up the story, just like all the other cover ups. Who do you work for?

  99. Oh Man! All holy books say the first huiman beings were very tall and some people found quite big skeletons in different places and somebody says it is hoax. Is there a mix-up with evolution fake bones? If It is hoax, why governments tried to hide? What is the cover-up for?

    I guess I know; to save the funny idea that we came from monkeys. Once I was talking to my daughter and I put her picture next to a monkey and I said, here is your grandpa? Oh man she laughed haf an hour!

    Come on give it up. Or our logic will rebel

  100. Hi.
    Hmmm …., that’s interesting, I’ve never heard about an official document confirms that something doesn’t exist.
    Maybe I should ask for such documents concern UFO from the nearest catolic presbytery and than I would have a truth evidence that UFO doesn’t exist as well :-)))
    Good idea don’t you think?

  101. Ahm. Why is it hard to believe that these skeletons are real. So what if the first humans are giants. Why is it so hard for you to believe it. We all believed that we’re the descendants of monkeys. And by the way various holy texts such as the Koran, the bible and the torah say that the first humans were giants. And other myths and legands too such as in Greek Mythology, werent the first beings called the Titans. And werent they giants. Also, in the pics, how did they embed the dirt in the photos? By the way, thoses pics arent the same skeleton. The one on the lower right have been found in Egypt. And the rest in India Its easy for us to believe that “MONKEYS” are our forefathers but not Giants.

  102. If it is not real why the long explanation?

  103. isso é inpresionante

  104. Really, it sometimes frustrates me to see how most people believe that a forwarded email is the word of god.

  105. its funny how these skeltons have not made world wide news. i think the head is far 2 big surport the body

  106. When they put these giant skeletons in a museum fore all the would to see, like the dinosaur skeletons in the museum of natural history. Then that will end skepticism, instead of trying to go by a picture that could have been cropped or what ever they do to make it look real. Other then that it’s all speculation and bullshit.

  107. Many thanks for the well-written article. I appreciate it. You have a very well-done site.

  108. This is just the sort of bogus story that we at The National Reporter strive to expose.
    No doubt the tabloids are behind this fraudulent fairy tale as part of their never ending conspiracy to spread rumors and misinformation.
    Before you fall victim to the tabloid lies, read the truth at The National Reporter.
    The National Reporter

  109. But 1 question what is the cause of making this hole
    all i know that there is a lies biger then this hole like what Bush said about the Atom Gun in Irak;Darwen said man was a monky !;dangers wappens in Gaza & Libanon ; Earth is Cubic
    ;Sun turn arawnd earth; ……………………………………….
    But only 1 truth i do know
    no God but one;&Mohamad is the final prophet & the religion is Islam
    & Some day we all belive in this truth

  110. Excellence information!!!!!!! Thank, very much.
    Angee Vargas

  111. first of all….all of the proof you stated is clearly that of a moron!! i will start off with your first comment stating these pictures were false….you said that all the pictures were the same and of one giant…well no they are all different pictures of different giants!!!!! secondly you said that the man with the cowboy hat wasn’t really there because he didnt look like a person from india, well i feel sorry for how ignorent you are….so you are then saying people everyday dont travel!!!! and if these bones arent real than you are also saying dinosaurs didnt exsist….and FYI these bones have been buried for over thousands of years….no intelligent person would imagine that all the bones would be in their exact position!!!!!

  112. I have to fully agree with ‘ you are stupid .’ In addition I would like to state that you are a dolt, a fool, a moron and much much more. Why don’t you go into your cubicle and suck your thumb !

  113. It took me years to finally believe in the existence of “Lucy”, only to learn that she was indeed a hoax. Now then, I am to look at these photos and believe the final photo-shopped/doctored images are true and original whereas the original is supposed to be “doctored”? I was skeptical of these images yes at first, but take a closer look at what we are told is the empty hole in the ground and tell me that doesn’t seem to be the most crudely altered photo you have ever seen; the grainy quality still reveals the outline of the upper torso. Now compare the grainy quality of the interior of the hole with the smooth photo texture of the exterior. Tell me which one is altered? I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’. And as for the ridiculous assertion that all people on archeological digs in India or other geographic locations for that matter must adhere to some sort of “look” is simply preposterous, racist and ignorant. What if he were a Black fellow from Detroit wearing a pith hat that he purchased from E-bay? Would that nullify the image? We all know that Black people don’t wear pith hats, right?

    • You are an idiot. Lucy is not a myth. Her bones are on display three blocks from my house at the National Geographic Society. And for god’s sake people, it is a hoax. The existence of giants would not disprove evolution. If there were giants of this magnitude, some adjustments in our understanding would have to be made, but certainly not completely rewritten.

      As I understand it (from visiting the exhibit in the natural history museum a few weeks back) humans lived along-side Neanderthals for many years. Given their stature, they were strong and perhaps taller than we know. Perhaps they were the giants that the ancient books mention. Or, perhaps in their description they used a common literary tool called exaggeration. One thing is for sure, if these were real bones no person would forgo the possibility of making millions from tourists for any reason, least of all to uphold the so-called “theory” of evolution. (it is proven, maybe not every detail, but the theory in general has)

  114. The two pictures without the skeleton are the pics that look fake. I’m familiar with photoshop and it looks like the skeleton was erased out with the clone tool. Not very convincing proof that the skeleton itself is fake, but nice try.

  115. Lol so dumb, all you did was blur out the picture so it looked like there wasn’t a skeleton there.

  116. This photo might be a hoax no doubt. But many years ago two coffins were found measuring around 15 feet in length & 6 feet in breadth in some country. Later it was shown on our Indian national television DD-1 how the scientists first made a small hole into the coffins & put a pin hole camera to see what was inside.
    they then opened the lid of the coffin which was very heavy. Guys this DD-1 channel that I am talking about strictly shows authenticated programs only as it is completely controlled by our Indian Government.
    But I just wonder why after so many years there has been no news about these 2 coffins. I had also forgotten about the coffins but this hoax skeleton photo made me remember them.

    • heres my full comment on the matter,.. clearly im holdingback.. there so much to know.. therefore knowledge IS power.. the one who knows all can evaluate the best and give most truthfull opinion*

      Firts of all is it not dead obvious that if i tell you your the result of a coincedence of past events over miiiiiiiiiilions a years,.. the outcome of peoples lives would (WILL) be desastreus?? why you ask?, well if you dont have any justice awaiting you after death, then you have free ball to do what ever you like( wich men tend to do).. but if i show you through science there is a god and there are UNIVERSAL LAWS you defenitly watch out, no this is no brainwashing nore scaring people, THIS IS SCIENCE, why do you think the national eograhip team was the only one able to visit the site, they are the realest of evolutionists and are said to roam the world for any finding proving the scripture of the thora, well you say what does it matter,..wel they seem to state that the small human found was real, but the large was not plus the incredible fantasy that the small human is MORE interesting due to its link to evolution, due to the studies and theories, (made by evolution supporters) get it.. WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO FIND A COMPLETE HUMAN SKELETON OF OVER 6 METERS HIGH this my mentaly chalenged humanists would destroy the theory (still unproven and will remain so) all the lies to prove some peoples fantasy,SCANDALOUS!!!!
      and as the above acrticle clearly states.. all a hoax photoshop,not true etc confirmes my opinion.. a world without god , with us having full responsability would undoubtly result in the exact world whe live in today.
      a few Jews, the rotschilds , state senate ,free masons.. they rule the world, because they know about Them.. those giants and kings who through faith science and pure evil governed our past eras, there is a monument raised buy illuminati somewhere in amerika stating that before a certain time in the near future the worlds population must be brought down to around one billion, just so you know it means over 5 billion must die.. and looking at the way our (leaders) help us, farmecuatical murder, promoting UNhealthy foods ( FOODinc.) , debting everybody who is not wealthy (over 99,99999%of the planet) your house is not yours neither is your phone ore your car etc.. i think in about 10 years ore so the desired effect counting on faithless humans who have no understanding of what real and pure love means will be achieved, yes there is a god yes he loves us, but whe have to pay for disobeying him and take our responsebility.. the foundation of amerika is based on the bible our foudning fahers where bible loving cristians, but whe destroyed our foundation and are building a new one,.. based on a: world WITHOUT GOD*


  117. If this photos are true, that would explain a lot of mysteries … like building the pyramids, it would be much easier on giants to build them instead of all the crab the “scientists” try to shove down our throats about building the pyramids by aliens or magic or simply lifting a 750 ton stone by people looks like us…but I still don’t know why are they covering those things?

    and what about the worth1000 competition…couldn’t they start the competition after those photos were published and post them in the competition to make it looks like a hoax?

  118. awesome how big they is ?!Oo

  119. It’s %100 real don’t believe anything anyone says!! these skeletons have been found in other places of the world. And the fact is there is a big cover up of this. My theory from sources I am not allowed to say are that they are Fallen angels that came to Earth many years ago.. .
    You can all believe what you want but this is what I believe!!

    Thank you.

  120. Quote:
    Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
    Deuteronomy 3:11
    11 For only Og the king of Bashan was left of the remnant of the Rephaim. Behold, his bed was a bed of iron. Nine cubits was its length, and four cubits its breadth, according to the common cubit.
    A cubit was about 18 inches or 45 centimeters
    4m x 1.8m

  121. Do you have eyes to see. Do you have ears to hear. There are no giant skeletons. There is …there are… No Gods, not Allah not Buddha not Shiva or Krishna. Religious doctrines are based on fear (fear of ending). The human mind seeks to find continuance for eternity, we are afraid to lose this thing we call life, how can it just end, we must have it continue, it is unsettling to think we will exist no more isn’t it, but it is truth, no one wants to know it, we hide under a false promise to ease that fear of ending. You think there must be a purpose to life, there isn’t a purpose or a reason it just is. If you accept your beginning then you must surely know there is an ending. I cannot tell you why for certainty but these pictures are a hoax. I think perhaps to try and perpetuate the greatest hoax’s ever laid on mankind ..religious dogma. If it eases your fears then lie to your self, its ok, we all do it in some way or another.. Even the bible tells us to know the truth and it will set you free.

  122. Hey come on now,the findings of these skeletons is totally real,but someone seems to have deliberately altered the photos using modern ways just to create an impression in other people minds that this finding is manufactured!!!hahahaha!!

  123. and where are the weapons he used>
    it was made of metal ..

  124. Thanks for the good reviews and explorations people…
    I finally conformed it’s a graphic trick made my some monkeys.

    ha hah ha

  125. I think this is real! I think someone is trying to hide something by throwing in clear fakes like the guy with the cowboy hat. It seems as tho the media is trying to make us think it’s a hoax when really it’s not.

    –Why don’t you want us to know the truth??









  127. I have just received this email from someone. I think if it is real, it could have been out and whole world could have seen it, could not came to know by email.

  128. Hmmmmmmm… problem here; the “original”, untouched photo without the skeleton looks granular, doctored while the “fake” is clean and clear. Hmmmmmmm……

  129. I haven’t read all the replies but I’ll say this: The picture with the grass and the one without? The ones you thought were the same skeleton? Have you even considered they might have been 2 seperate skeletons. You were so caught up with your righteous fury and prideful intelligence that you hastily considered those who spread the photos to be so deliberately stupid that they actually copied the same skeleton on 2 different backgrounds! These skeletons are real. A more recent one was discovered by workers of the Saudi Arabian Aramco Company. These skeletons are being concealed by the elite to hide the fact that giant people existed in the past and are now extinct, destroyed by devinely forced disasters for their arrogance. They are mentioned in the Bible and greatly detailed in the Quran, but less often in the Torah and holy scriptures of Judaism. THIS IS BAD NEWS FOR ZIONISTS AND ELITISTS, who will go to any great length to discredit other religions and encorage secularism. Check your history… As for the rest of you atheists, you can violate yourselves with a rusty iron rod! It is much easier to discredit than to prove. If you want a real challenge, try to be as neutral as possible if you truly wish to serve humanity. Otherwise, don’t share with us your prose of doom and despair. We don’t need all that melancholy nonsense.

  130. Firts of all is it not dead obvious that if i tell you your the result of a coincedence of past events over miiiiiiiiiilions a years,.. the outcome of peoples lives would (WILL) be desastreus?? why you ask?, well if you dont have any justice awaiting you after death, then you have free ball to do what ever you like( wich men tend to do).. but if i show you through science there is a god and there are UNIVERSAL LAWS you defenitly watch out, no this is no brainwashing nore scaring people, THIS IS SCIENCE, why do you think the national eograhip team was the only one able to visit the site, they are the realest of evolutionists and are said to roam the world for any finding proving the scripture of the thora, well you say what does it matter,..wel they seem to state that the small human found was real, but the large was not plus the incredible fantasy that the small human is MORE interesting due to its link to evolution, due to the studies and theories, (made by evolution supporters) get it.. WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO FIND A COMPLETE HUMAN SKELETON OF OVER 6 METERS HIGH this my mentaly chalenged humanists would destroy the theory (still unproven and will remain so) all the lies to prove some peoples fantasy,SCANDALOUS!!!!
    and as the above acrticle clearly states.. all a hoax photoshop,not true etc confirmes my opinion.. a world without god , with us having full responsability would undoubtly result in the exact world whe live in today.
    a few Jews, the rotschilds , state senate ,free masons.. they rule the world, because they know about Them.. those giants and kings who through faith science and pure evil governed our past eras, there is a monument raised buy illuminati somewhere in amerika stating that before a certain time in the near future the worlds population must be brought down to around one billion, just so you know it means over 5 billion must die.. and looking at the way our (leaders) help us, farmecuatical murder, promoting UNhealthy foods ( FOODinc.) , debting everybody who is not wealthy (over 99,99999%of the planet) your house is not yours neither is your phone ore your car etc.. i think in about 10 years ore so the desired effect counting on faithless humans who have no understanding of what real and pure love means will be achieved, yes there is a god yes he loves us, but whe have to pay for disobeying him and take our responsebility.. the foundation of amerika is based on the bible our foudning fahers where bible loving cristians, but whe destroyed our foundation and are building a new one,.. based on a: world WITHOUT GOD*

  131. Firts of all is it not dead obvious that if i tell you your the result of a coincedence of past events over miiiiiiiiiilions a years,.. the outcome of peoples lives would (WILL) be desastreus?? why you ask?, well if you dont have any justice awaiting you after death, then you have free ball to do what ever you like( wich men tend to do).. but if i show you through science there is a god and there are UNIVERSAL LAWS you defenitly watch out, no this is no brainwashing nore scaring people, THIS IS SCIENCE, why do you think the national eograhip team was the only one able to visit the site, they are the realest of evolutionists and are said to roam the world for any finding proving the scripture of the thora, well you say what does it matter,..wel they seem to state that the small human found was real, but the large was not plus the incredible fantasy that the small human is MORE interesting due to its link to evolution, due to the studies and theories, (made by evolution supporters) get it.. WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO FIND A COMPLETE HUMAN SKELETON OF OVER 6 METERS HIGH this my mentaly chalenged humanists would destroy the theory (still unproven and will remain so) all the lies to prove some peoples fantasy,SCANDALOUS!!!!
    and as the above acrticle clearly states.. all a hoax photoshop,not true etc confirmes my opinion.. a world without god , with us having full responsability would undoubtly result in the exact world whe live in today.
    a few Jews, the rotschilds , state senate ,free masons.. they rule the world, because they know about Them.. those giants and kings who through faith science and pure evil governed our past eras, there is a monument raised buy illuminati somewhere in amerika stating that before a certain time in the near future the worlds population must be brought down to around one billion, just so you know it means over 5 billion must die.. and looking at the way our (leaders) help us, farmecuatical murder, promoting UNhealthy foods ( FOODinc.) , debting everybody who is not wealthy (over 99,99999%of the planet) your house is not yours neither is your phone ore your car etc.. i think in about 10 years ore so the desired effect counting on faithless humans who have no understanding of what real and pure love means will be achieved, yes there is a god yes he loves us, but whe have to pay for disobeying him and take our responsebility.. the foundation of amerika is based on the bible our foudning fahers where bible loving cristians, but whe destroyed our foundation and are building a new one,.. based on a: world WITHOUT GOD*

  132. Muslims are damn stupid. Their god is a hoax like all the fake pics that we can see on this page.
    Once you believe shit you keep believing shit. So why not using UFO, YETI, etc … in this story…..

    • Now, Now, lets not start calling names…we all believe what we are taught from birth. Until we die and pass over, only will any of us really KNOW!
      Be gentle on each other, they are our brothers and sisters, we all have the same DNA all coming back to the same makers that DNA made us from their own DNA to create slaves to mine gold for them.
      Yes there is a bigger guy than them, just think of the guy…or guys that created the MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME Universe, to trap souls here for whatever reason, and keep people fighting while they are playing the game of being a body here, so they will not realize they are bigger and better than these meat bodies…
      and who created those guys who created this physical universe?

      Get with it guys, just keep thinking bigger and bigger and bigger, there are more and more universes outside of each other, just like those Russian dolls that have a doll inside of each other, and another and another one inside of it…think outside, and outside, and outside…

      You step outside of your body when you go to sleep, and roam all over the universe…It has been scientifically proven years ago in the early 1950’s, just as they also PROVED that the exact moment that the soul turned loose of the body at the exact moment you died.

      Well, some people can step out consciously, as the STARGATE PROGRAM that the United States used for years to go spy on people world wide or find downed Helicopters in south american jungles.
      these people can also step outside of the known Matter, Energy Space and time Universe and see other things that are out there as well.

      I myself have stepped out of 52 levels inside of each other…and very interesting results as well. I just happened to not have the time to practice going out any higher levels than 52 at the time.

      And don’t anyone post that it is not possible, or that I am wrong, I don’t give a flying flip what you think, or your religious opinions used to control the world populations so they can’t do the same, and KNOW you don’t know what you are talking about when you say I can’t possibly know this. The churches have been used for thousands of years in every society to keep the populations from knowing how to do this…and keep them trapped inside.
      If you post anything negative about it…You are just trying to down me…literally!

      So moving on, we are all of the same flesh, some a little different than others, but at this time…all are DNA of those slave masters…every society world wide have ancient documents about it.

      We all have been controlled by religions to suppress our minds so we stay in line and keep mining that gold….
      so they can get it for their use.
      There is so much gold world wide, it doesn’t go away….when processed or used…so why do we still have a limited supply today?
      Because….it is being hoarded for the gold miners that will come to take it back to their area and create a powder form to put into their atmosphere to hold in their oxygen after a great disaster ripped away most of it.

      Ancient documents around the world all speak of this…only those that don’t want us to know…will discredit those ancient documents…and anyone who speaks of them.

  133. So its a fake…

  134. you a hater

  135. Show me a pic of a dirt hole and then Photoshop IN a skeleton. Explaining how someone can Photoshop something out of a pic is not even relevant. Plus what’s with the biased attitude on the subject? If it was truly fake you would very casually just point out the obvious falseness of a hoaxed photo and instead of trying to explain that it just is false. You would tell us that we’re fools for believing actual photos but that we’d be wise to believe yours supposed “messages”? Who are you Again? But I guess you’ve proved through cheap explaining and biased opinions that you are in fact, full of shit so it doesn’t matter. I guess your paycheck must be pretty fat. Or that you’re scared of your superiors and obviously don’t think “I wonder if there is a God and if he might not like this cover up?” But hey, he knows how big that paycheck is so he’ll understand right? All I know is the lack of open mindedness coming from you and your writing proves to me that you aren’t really concerned with the lack of skepticism of people because the foundation of skepticism is open mindedness. Therefore, your “concern” of the hoax has become your concern of you convincing people to believe you and your biased opinions. But then if doesn’t take that much effort on your part to convince people anyway, cause if that is real then it brings to question “how?” or even deeper “why?” which are too big of thoughts for people to ponder cause they all lead to God and, assumed by the world, he’s over their heads. So enjoy your remaining days on Earth and pray to God that he’s not real, cause you would have just squashed something he very clearly explained in the Bible for his people to understand. Or at least believe. Plan for the worst. And “but he and them and you” doesn’t count. God know’s everyone’s waiting to use that one. I don’t think Gods not as harsh as others want you to believe, he’s just intense. And also wrathful. DON’T IGNORE THIS FOLKS!! QUESTION IT! God or no.

  136. God made man, which God or Gods? Enlil? Enkie? They were of a very taller group of people, and Edin actually means a Steppe, a flat place on the edge of a mountain, where the garden was, surrounded by pine trees, on the edge of a mountain in northern Turkey…where all four rivers were together…
    Adam, which means man made…with part of their own DNA and the local life on the planet at the time, many adams were made to work and dig gold for them to be sent back home. That particular Adam was made to tend the garden, as a worker, slave who became lonely, so they took part of him (his rib, good example of cloning) and created a mate for him. His first wife Lilith got tired of the harsh conditions there and went back to the space station with the Serpant, so they made another for him called Eve.
    The serpent actually a symbol of his political bend, as the eagle is the United states, and the Bear is the Russians, also got to Eve, and Cain was in fact the offspring of his, not Adam’s and was a Giant as well. Cannon was an area where Cain went in later years, and they were Giants there.
    Abraham was in fact tall as well like the Cannonites.

    Gollieth was one of 5 super tall brothers.

    These so called Gods told their servant slaves that they were Gods and to worship them so they could keep them in line.
    When they did not worship them, they slaughtered them, with floods, with plagues, with whatever tools they had including atomic bomb type of weapons, that have been found in India and Russia but hidden from the populations of the world till today.

    Indians have history of 5 worlds before, and as each time the world has been emptied out and reseeded by these guys eliminating the world populations and reseeding with their controlled new workers.

    Large people have been in history all over the world, and no matter who gets on the web and slashes the data, it does not stop the fact that unrelated people from every country in the world have found large bones of large people of varying sizes.

    American Indians have descriptions of exact sizes of them 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft, 25ftm and 36ft.
    Of course the Indians were slaughtered, not for their land but for what they knew, so power of tthose that ran the world could keep the populations ignorant and under control

    Our government leaders, and the world leaders always rush in at gun point and seize these graves as those 2,000 graves in India were done last year.

  137. There was a deep cave that was found recently in Africa that still had the DNA samples and laboratory that created MAN or ADAM WHICH MEANS MAN MADE, all there intact.

    South American Indians have carved in stone in 9 countries, all about Noah that came before the flood and took 10 of every animal, not 2, but 10 but DNA not live animals, and came back and taught them how to rebuild their pyramids and animal husbandry..(how to raise animals)

    An edict was put out when they were found to cannon their libraries and universities to the ground and leave not one stone on top, and to burn all writings as Satanic, and the false data was put out that they had no written language of their own and they were illiterate savages, instead of the higher level of advancement than the Europeans had at the time.

    North American Indians all speak of wars to kill off the giants, because they had a liking for human flesh. Only recently in the early 1800’s did the Indians finally kill the last of them according to them.

    South America has to this day, a very large tribe still.

    Look at Russia and their remote very tall people, and in Northern Pakistan they have the tallest man in the world.

    I met the other one that died some years ago, who came to the United states, who was a very gentle caring man for his village people. I helped him shop for things for the school children that had nothing in his village, buying things they could study with, and help them improve their lives. My husband came up to his waistband. The reigning tallest man is still today from his same village.

    China has huge people as well, look at the advertisement of the Chinese man coming into a 7-11 and saying Yow!

    In museums today in China, Ancient battle axes of china take 6 men to lift today and then only a single man swung them, who do you think swung them?

    Look at men in Afganistan, and Iraq who stand from the waist up taller than our soldeiers who are very large.

    Look at the African tribes today.

    Giants, Giants, Giants, who can wish them away, only those that want to hide the truth.

  138. The Original Article is Here… This skeleton is not in Chennai.. Please read the true news from here.


  139. I am really inspired with your writing skills and also with the layout in your blog. Is this a paid subject or did you customize it your self? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is uncommon to see a nice weblog like this one nowadays..

  140. Unbeleve able really I didint beleve it almoust stil don’t

  141. are there 2 separate photos to this? im doing a project and this looks amazing i know its a hoax which is why its perfect. if you know please let me know

    • Hi Chris,

      The photos came to me in email. I later found the original sources of the photos, which are included somewhere in the post or reply. Does that answer your question?

      What kind of project you are doing?


  142. Who actually was this giant person?

  143. Have you ever considered about adding a little bit more than just your articles?
    I mean, what you say is fundamental and everything.
    Nevertheless just imagine if you added some great visuals or video clips to give your posts more, “pop”!
    Your content is excellent but with pics and videos, this blog could definitely be
    one of the greatest in its niche. Terrific blog!

  144. I read this article completely on the topic of the comparison of most recent and
    earlier technologies, it’s remarkable article.

  145. I believe this particular blog , “Hoax – Giant Skeleton Found In India The Eastern
    Horizon”, quite pleasurable not to mention it ended up being a terrific read.
    Thanks for your time,Kenny

  146. […] envio de um simples e-mail para a National Geographic tira logo qualquer dúvida: esta história é […]

  147. […] Giant Human Skeleton Found in Saudi Arabia "Skeleton of Giant" Is Internet Photo Hoax Hoax ? ?Giant Skeleton Found In India? | The Eastern Horizon Exposing the crooks behind the myth!: Giant Skeleton Hoax Giant Human Skeletons: Giant Human […]

  148. how fool u al are every1 noticed deeply the fact that if the skeliton is related to hindu epic or not the same time u ol must have spended on beliving on god would have proved to be more resonable ….belive in god …if it is true then it was the only medium to convey truth …and if not then grive not truth is still with us so its the proof that god would have done his job….

  149. Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser – Saturday 23 January 1869

  150. The pictures have been taken by an airborne camera showing an empty hole? What would be the point of taking picture of empty hole in an archaeological dig? The hole is huge and there must have been something of interest in it. It is amazing to see how some people panic for their precious theories if a “find” indicates that there are other possible ways for nature to work! Evolution, even though has not been able to explain homo sapiens presence properly, is definitely one way that nature works but that has never been the only way.

    There are undeniable physical evidences all over the world which point to presence of some beings with magnificent power and intelligence on this planet. Whether they were giants or something else is all a matter of speculation but there are many ancient stone carving and statues and also ancient writings that tell us about many different beings in the past. If dinosaurs which are a kind of reptile and related to iguanas, are real and if we have all sizes of cats and dogs in present time then what is so special about humans? Archaeologists have discovered buried forests with trees higher than 100 ft. We still have some giant creatures like elephants and rhinoceros wandering around. Why is it impossible that humans or some other beings of great stature have existed on this earth too?

    From all evidences, there is a lot that “best of us” do not know about many of the events in the past. Some records have been passed to us through many thousands of years in ancient scriptures from which, many are still undecipherable. Attributing all of those just to imaginations and “made up” stories of human ancestors is just unfair the least.

  151. its true . this is hoax related to mahabhart but we are not saying that this hoax definitely of son of bheem ghtoghaj …. abhi to yehi nikla hai aage age dekho hmare bharat mai kya kya niklta hai jo puri duniya mai nhi mile ge because india is great and the culture sanatan relgion sikh relgion jain and budh relgion is most deeply and great relgion

  152. muslim and christian bastards

  153. For More Details:


  154. i think dis s real..r u saying it has a hoax because it is found in india? or Indians’ have found??

  155. things should be proved before any kind of comments.

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