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My Thoughts On Aryan Migration To Indus Civilization – III

The disagreement between those who propose the Aryan migration and those who oppose it is not in level of details, not in theory but in much deeper. It is difference in paradigms. The proponents of Aryan Migration state that Vedic civilization was still in “primitive” band and the writings and language must be analyzed as such. The opponents of Aryan Migration think that the Vedic civilization was advanced and the writings must be analyzed.

Let me explain with an example. There is a famous statement which summarizes the gist of what they call a ‘Butterfly Effect’ in chaos theory, “A butterfly fluttering its wings in one continent can cause a tornado in another continent.” If we purely focus on vocabulary of this sentence, (which is what studies in linguistics do more often than not), then probably we will conclude that the person who said this must be from a place where tornados and butterflies are seen, so probably Midwest plains in USA. But if we see that this statement is made by an expert in complex systems analysis, then we will conclude that it must come from some well reputed scientist, and that he must have come from a university which pioneered research in complex systems, so more likely Stanford / Harvard on coasts. In this particular scenario, the second guess is right. Lorenzo was actually born in Connecticut and studied and worked in Harvard. He never resided in Midwest.

Why do I think Vedic civilization could be a little more advanced than we think? There is a clear trail in evolution of Vedic philosophy leading to very abstract worldview.

Vedas are purely for rituals and offering sacrifices to gods. The Sankhya philosophy is philosophy of pure classification by observation. Five physical senses, five organs that do work and mind, and so on. This is more like Aristotle who observed that an object will come to rest unless continuously set in motion. The Charvak philosophy which says “Eat the best food out there, even if it means you have to take loans” is similar to Jeremy Bentham of utilitarian school saying “If a peeping Tom is able to peep into intimate lives of people without ever getting caught, then he must do that. Because that increases total pleasure in the universe.”

From there the Vedic trail goes to Upanishads. The idea of single formless reality is very high level of abstraction. This is a highly evolved idea of all encompassing humanity which represents a complex paradigm of thinking. The Vedic civilization reached zenith of abstraction in advaita (which was consolidated by Shankarachayra, but definitely touched upon in Upanishads many times). Advaita rejects “one + one = two” and states that “one + sense of being two = two”, thus reducing entire world into a quality of perception.

The sort of complex, holistic paradigm proposed in Upanishads, comprising of “single dynamic supercomplex whole” is now just beginning to appear in Western world with works like “Web of life” by Fritzof Kapra in philosophy and works like “Natural Capitalism” by Amory Lovins in green economy.

Slowly but definitely the Western civilization moving to spirituality in it’s own way. From the product economy of industrial revolution era, it moved to service economy and now knowledge economy. Now Western world has realized that it cannot forever continue to take natural resources for granted and is keen on going green. So we might soon see a transition from knowledge economy to philosophical economy and then perhaps to spiritual economy, which will be enlightenment through capitalism.

At this point the humanity of western world will expand from a society of individuals to encompass all animals and trees and planets and everything. They will look at this as “single, super complex, dynamic whole” and might continue to refer it as cosmos. But they will be referring to the same thing what Vedic people called Bramha and Chinese called Tao.

If Aryans came to India in 1500 BC and Upanishads were present at Buddha’s time in 600 CE. Then in less than 900 years, Vedic civilizations reached where western civilization took more than 2000 years to reach? (Including last several centuries of super fast communication?)

I am not at all saying that Vedic people were advanced than Western civilization in material science or even match to them. I am not saying that they had nuclear weapons, or automobiles or even electricity for that matter. Yet the fact is they had highly evolved version of humanity. This evolution must be accounted for.

The only way they must have gotten there is just by building knowledge and insights into nature for millenniums. “Aryan migration at 1500 BC” does not explain this whole evolution very well.

5 Responses

  1. I have also tried to deal with the matter in my blog which is aryanspeaks.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you for enlightening people (including Indians) regarding misrepresented Aryan Migration theory by max Mueller et al.

  3. Namaste,

    It is nice to see Indians now beginning to refute the AIT and its counterparts without fear of being labeled as nationalists etc…

    I am surprised people are still using the 1500bc date for the AIT when that itself has been refuted in so many ways with the existence of SANSKRIT long long before then.
    (We have to remember the main reason for creating the AIT was for the west to claim ownership of SANSKRIT…)

    Below is a link to a very detailed report as to why the AIT never happened… with a lot more information…


    I must disagree with your comments about the VEDAS being purely for ritualistic purposes…

    There are 4 –

    Rig Veda – 10,552 mantras
    Yajur Veda – 1,975 mantras
    Sam Veda – 1,875 mantras
    Atharva Veda – 5,987 mantras

    I believe one of the Vedas actually deals with architecture and reveals how to build different types of pyramids etc.. (which is why there are more people coming round to the belief that the VEDIC culture was global, with more and more evidence to support it from ALL the cultures around the world having some connection to Aryavartha…)

    as for you comments on ancient technology dear Kedar, have you ever heard of the Antikythera-mechanism or ever seen it? Below is a link to some information on it….


    If you want to explore the realm of ancient Vedic technologies then your best bet is to read books by Erich Von Daniken and David Hatcher Childress.

    In one of Erichs books called ‘Return of the Gods’ he has a translation of an ancient Vedic text that talks about children playing in the parks with miniature boats on lakes, controlled by hand held boxes with sticks on them – ie remote controlled boats or toys..

    Some texts talk about other planets and the various life forms on there including plants etc.. We have to remember a long time before 1500bc Sanskrit texts had already detailed 8,400,000 types of life forms existing on this planet – with 400,000 being different types of humanoids…

    I understand all this might be a bit Star Trekky for you – but if you knew a quark sized amount of stuff that some of us do then you will fully understand why Hitler was so interested in SANSKRIT, her texts and her eternal information contained within them…

    he managed to develop a mercury vortex anti gravitational propulsion system with the Vimaanika Shaastra before having his underground base raided by the British forces. This has been confirmed by many documentaries shown here to display how advanced Hitler really was, and how different the world could have been if he had won…

    (a link to Erich Von Danikens site)

    The next thing you Aryavarthans need to do is get to know about the PIE lie..

    PIE = Proto Indo European language…

    the language that never was, why is it being created and who will benefit?

    Might want to do some research on Codex Alimentarius too and see how long it will be before ginger, turmeric and other substances will be banned by the new aged Nazis…


    i hope all the above information comes in handy with your truth seeking dear Aryavarthans…

    love,peace & TRUTH as always…

    Dhuniya No Ghando

  4. apologies but i got mixed up with your comment about Vedas and i meant Shastras are not for praying …

    also regarding your quote –
    ‘The opponents of Aryan Migration think that the Vedic civilization was advanced and the writings must be analyzed.’

    it is not that people are asking for the writings to be analyzed but to look into the facts that the whole world at one point before Mesopotamia all spoke Sanskrit until KRSNA departed…

    this is confirmed in the bible where it picks up the story with the ‘Tower of Babel’ chapter… where itself talks about the world being united in one tongue – this language was not ancient Hebrew or the PIE language…

    there is evidence of SANSKRIT being the mother tongue all over the world including the Mayans, Mexicans, Red Indians, the Celts, the Greeks who all also used the Swastika etc…


    the above link deals with the celtic languages having roots in the east…



    see articles on OM through tonoscope listed below…..




    now do you guys understand why the NAZIS and the west want to keep Aryanism downtrodden and hidden away as theirs?

    * I am really really confused now, why is my previous reply being blocked for moderation? What is it that i am saying that needs moderating or is offensive? If i am not welcome here then please say so – we are all adults here…

    I was going to extend my hand in friendship and ask you if you wanted to be a co-author in the R-e-u-n Konnexion book i am writing or even a researcher…

    i have no insecurities and have nothing to hide… yet why do you have to feel you have to block my comments that are non-offensive, informative, blunt and straight to the point with no nonsense attached to them…


  5. http://www.stephen-knapp.com/death_of_the_aryan_invasion_theory.htm

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