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Cycle of Will

Every day we are walking new paths in the material world. But in emotional world, persons and families and societies are walking the same paths for centuries. Same play, different actors. Same story new characters.

It begins with a conflict. Conflict brings a sense of agony, where we know we want change, but we can’t figure out what. It’s a first vague reaction. This agony when simmers for some time, gives rise to desire where we know what change is required. Yet we don’t know how. Desire stays at the back of our experience and being. Slowly by osmosis, it permeates into our perceptions. Now we have a mind. Reflexes are built in. Habits are forged. It results into sponteneous action. Finally it leads to knowledge and fullfillment.

Any attempts to reach quick gratification leads to faulty perception of this world, which leads to believing into mirages. Believing into mirages leads to more conflicts.

Howmuchever we hate conflicts and agony, we cannot deny their rightful place in our emotional cycle. No conflict, no experience of desire.

Walking in circles, walking in circles, it’s a mad mad world.

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