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My Lessons from The Story of Tao

If you have not yet read my previous post, please read it here.

Following are the important lessons I should learn from the story of Tao

Not knowing what you are being punished for is perhaps part of your punishment.

The story of Tao tells us one important thing. When I come across a conflict, I can believe that the universe is unbalanced and unjust and can go berserk. Or I can believe that I am failing to see some part of the whole chain of events. The immediate next question is why am I failing to see part of that chain. Perhaps by my own direct or indirect choice of ignorance.

We are unhappy, it is not because out will is not getting fulfilled. But it is because we do not know which of our will is getting fulfilled. Not knowing for what you are being punished, is part of punishment.

If we don’t know, than it is our choice.

And why did we not know for what we are being punished? Because we did not want to know. How this component gets added in punishment? By our choice. We chose to forget things in order to feel surprised later and bring some drama to our life.

If Tao had chosen to face punishment while he retained memories of his crime, he would have gained knowledge and seen harmony. Instead he chooses to limit his perception so that he can believe world can be cheated. This way he pumped up his “High” feelings and kicks. He chose the belief that ‘world need not be balanced’. This belief will cause him as much trouble later as he avoided by creating this belief.

Getting closure is previlege. It needs to be earned.

May it be our crusade to be rich or may it be the agony we felt when our money was stolen. What we are looking for is closure. That’s why we need every book and every movie to start with a conflict and end in “happily thereafter”. It is not the pains or atrocity we are afraid of. We are secretly afraid of not having closure, not seeing the victim get punished, not seeing our efforts rewarded.

In case of Tao we see that conflict is property more of Tao’s perception than that of the material universe. And so is closure. Getting closure is a privilege, not birthright. That needs too be earned by facing the truth, taking pains to form a right perception. You deserve closure only if you earned it.

Earning closure points comes with it’s own costs. More we see closure, more we see harmony. More we see harmony, more we lose drama in this world. Which one is better? I don’t know. I guess when your time to seek harmony comes, you seek harmony.

One thing I know for sure is that the harmonious world really looks serene and beautiful.


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